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Hello people!

Soo i joined and left acne.org back in 2008 after making some serious changes to my diet and reducing, not curing my acne.

- Some background:

I've been suffering with acne for about 10 years+ now. I would say i had moderate to severe acne, to the point where it would be painful to touch. I tried every cream under the sun, home remedies including apple cider vinegar, lemons, baking soda, gram flour and even long courses of multiple antibiotics - which all failed to reduce my acne.

-Some advice:

1) One day i decided to adopt a more holistic approach and eliminate certain food stuffs from my diet - most importantly - MILK. Seriously, that stuff is evil. A few weeks after refraining from the consumption of dairy products, including milk, cheese, ice cream, yoghurt, cakes, chocolate.. i noticed that i wasn't breaking out as much.. Usually i would wake up to find 3/4 new spots developing but after stopping dairy, it reduced to the odd spot every day.. till recently, the odd spot every week or so.

I swapped for soya alternatives which are readily available. Also limited my caffeine intake to one cup per day, be it coke, coffee or tea. Oh and stopped eating eggs (always gives me loads of tiny little whiteheads on my forehead :S).

2) In conjunction with refraining from dairy products i also made sure that i used mineral foundation only - no concealer, blush, powder or other fancy stuff that wasn't mineral based.

3) Other than that, i stopped using acne creams/medicines all together. Just washed my face with a Neurogena oil free face wash (the Grapefruit range - awesome), used rose water as a toner and a Simple moisturising cream.

4) Finally - this may sound a little crazy.. but i started thinking positive, tried to brainwash myself into believing that my skin was getting better, even if it wasn't.. and stopped making my skin the centre of my universe. I kept, and keep saying to myself that no matter how shit and debilitating it makes me feel and look, other people have problems that are far greater.

Peace and love x

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im currently under the retin-a, doxycycline, and clindamcyin regime,, its been 6 weeks and my skin is a lot better. just a lot of red scarring from way back when it wa REALLY bad and i would pop them...other than that my skin is really smooth now. I Havent drank any milk in these last 6 weeks, mainly becuase it contains tons of sugar. i try to moderate and control my sugar intake so i wont breakout...an i heard it cuaes inflammation so your acne gets really red... all in all, i like to stay positive to, but for me, the ost important thing is getting this curse out of my life for good, i feel embarrased when im with a group lol,, im not that confident cuase of my face, even since i know its just red scarring. Theres always someone that has it worse than me, so i like to use that to make me feel happy again lol

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