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What Is Your Biggest Cause Of Acne?

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Working on fries at McDonalds! It makes my face super oily, and i always break out the next day sad.png

OMG! I was at McDonalds yesterday and I saw the people on the fries station and I was thinking "Damn there's a lot of oil there, I would break out so badly" except I live in an asian country where everyone has super smooth skin and i'm the pimply white guy.

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I'm not sure what causes mine... it seems like such an odd combination of factors. When I take zinc it always clears me right up though. But that doesn't mean I'm lacking zinc normally, necessarily, so I have no idea. Certain foods, dry winter air, stress, hormones I suppose.

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How do you even answer this? I am just amazed how some of you can pin it to a certain food.. I eat so many different things, do so much stuff throughout the day that I don't even know where to start trying to figure out why I get acne.. but my answer would have to be stress.

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Genetics. My Mom is 65 and still breaks out and Im 41 and still break out. Damn, it sucks!

Do harcore yoga. Youtube baba ramdev yoga for skin disease, youth etc. headstand, shoulderstand twice daily.

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