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WELL, the count down begins for that wedding i am to attend. Only 6 days to go and then: I start accutane 2 days later. I'm going to need support leading upto those days or (i'm going to chicken out).

I'm on 3 weeks of doxycyline thus far and 2nd month of Diane 35. I guess i see an improvement but i have 4 active cysts on my face that hurt. So....yeah. Anyway: my face is still really purple. that is, my left and right side look really bad (red and purple) althought there aren't many active lesions. I really want to post pics but as you can tell, do i really want to scare you? Seriously, if it would help any of you feel better to know that one more person out there is dealing with some really bad skin probs, then i'll post those pics. We have to support each other right?

Take it easy, and I'd love to hear how all of your are doing.

I guess I should finally give myself a proper introduction: No more hiding behind Screen Names.

My name is Nicki, I am 25 and I am an acne sufferer. Though, it's affected me I know i'll be stronger in the end!

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you'll do good, we're on the same boat...my acne has improved a little since I started using duac and brevoxyl cleanser (both benzoyl peroxide 5% and 5%)...but it still looks bad, little improvement doesn't really change anything since I always keep breaking out...I'm supposed to be using differin at night but I don't feel like putting it on and it only makes my condition worse, its supposed to start improving after a few weeks but whats the point of waiting if I'm going on Accutane anyway...As far as my derm knows, I'm on Doxycyline but what he doesnt know is that I flushed that shit down the toilet smile.gif , same reason, I"m going on Tane so no point in messing my body up with other pills...

I got my next appointment the 27th and I'm probably getting my accutane prescription that day so we'll pretty much start the same time...

You'll defenitly be stronger in the end, I know that you will from experience, I get so much shit about my acne that I can't believe that I still go out in public and try to pretend that people dont stare at my face...yesterday I went to a corner store to buy a bottle of water and the guy at the counter kept staring at me with a grin on his face, I look him dead in the eyes and he says "you're going to clean that?" while indicating my face. I look him straight in the eyes and say "no", than he got embarrased/cofused and asked "you like it like that" and I said "yes"...he said something else but I just left.... I mean wtf? I can't believe how ignorant some people are...I always get people telling me what to try and what to do like "make sure you wash your face twice a day"...man, you think I don't wash my face? some people just will never understand how we feel and what we're going through but all this is making us stronger than anyone else...I haven't spoken to my sister in a month, I just ignore her because she always makes me feel bad about my face, she has no clue how much it hurts when she says those things, she says that I look like someone beat me up or that she can't stand looking at me, I'd be able to stand it for a while but then I would just break down and cry and want to die but now its just words, doesn't affect me as much, just makes me feel sorry for her...

Don't post pictures if you're uncomfortable with it, I'll only post them if Accutane clears me up and I have great clear skin after pictures cool.gif

Stay strong and keep us updated Nicky, think of this like a battle that you can't lose, don't let anything bring you down, we're here with you and going through the same thing...

much love

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