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Fraxel Dual (Previously Restore) Treatment

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Hi everyone. Before I had my Fraxel Dual treatment, I read a lot of these blogs, a lot of them good and many not so good which got me really worried my upcoming treatment would turn out worse - It didn't. I would say about a 15% improvement as this is my very first laser treatment. Skin is smoother and the ice pick scars on my cheeks a little less severe but I will be having the Fraxel Repair next as recommended by my doctor rather than going through multiple Fraxel Dual treatments.

I think it's important that you find yourself a good doctor, not one whos focus is "ROI".

My treatment was done by one of my doctors trained technicians. The laser was quite painful (despite having some numbing cream on for about 45 mins before treatment) and its important to immediately put on ice packs onto your face on that first day for 10 minutes of every hour until you goto bed then try to sleep elevated. Next day, face was swollen but after 3-4 days, I could have gone back to work, no problem. But I have allowed 9 full days to recover. Luckily I can work from home and during this time, I stayed inside mostly and when outside stayed in the shade. As part of my treatment, I have to wear sunscreen for the next 3 months. Its also important to keep your face moisturised with a mild brand like Cetaphil which is what I used.

Acne scarring has been the bane of my life, for most of my life but I tell you, I will never give up because you just cant. I had two dermabrasions when I was 18 and 19. Then later I had various punch excisions for the deeper scars, fat injections, 2 roll kit procedures also. This is a damn hard condition to cure and its a nightmare to be honest, but hope keeps me going.

I wish a good treatment and result to all those reading these blogs and would be very happy to answer any questions you ask of me.

I will let you know how the Fraxel Repair procedure goes for the deeper scars on my cheeks.

Kind Regards


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Thanks for sharing, I hope you benefited from it.

How is going so far ?

Is this laser suitable for dark skin people ?

Do you mean you need multiple sessions in order to see difference in the scars ? ( shallow ice picks)

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Would love to see some pics as I pulled out of my fraxel apt for fear it would hurt too much and not give me my anticipated results. Hopefully it worked for you!! :)

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