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Blackheads Please Talk And Tell Whats Cleared And Not Cleared Yours.

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Hi to everyone , im new to this site and im glad i found it as i have tried lots of things to clear my blackheads and ended up with severe dry skin and premature aging as now I suffer from severe OCD skin washing on my face, Please can you tell me What medications/cream/ that actually work on Blackheads, I see a psychiatrist and psychologist and they wont let me near a dermatologist because of my mental health so I self medicate I.E i scrubb my skin raw and its never taken the blackheads away and my skin is so flaky and dry, but its covered on deep blackheads all over my face, I have made it worse and I THINK YOU ARE more experts than the mental health people, ps I please advice me on blackheads pecifically not pimples or cysts as blackheads dont ever clear, ps i do have mental health problems and this makes it worse as people also judge how my skin is and they are very negative too me, i just want to look clean and fix my mental health, please help. thank you,

Blackheads what clears them? have you got rid of yours/ list all that work, ps please dont tell me to use simple foaming cleanser as it makes my skin drier and worse, my skin is extremely dry and flaking and covered in blackheads.

thanks again

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