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Taking Liver Pills

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Good luck man and plz let us know what happens...and could you please tell us the name of the pills and provide a pic of it on the net? Even tell us where you got them from ?

bupolo- he means detox pills for cleaning out your liver. Its a BIG advantage to clearing acne everyone over looks.

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a liver cleanse works while you do it but as soon as you stop things begin building back up again. that's just what the liver is for. it couldnt hurt though.

you can get the liver cleanse pills at all health food stores. most have milk thistle or dandelion in it. those are the two major ingredients in supporting good liver function.

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I have been taking a liver cleanse pill since December. If you go to a naturopath, they will probably tell you that acne can often be related to liver toxins. I have seen the milk thistle combo at Trader Joe's grocery store and it is quite reasonable.

I have been taking a pill for the liver called TAPS - a combo of Milk Thistle, Artichoke extract, Tumeric extract, and Pcrorhiza Kurroa extract. 60 capsules for $16.40 at the Bastyr Clinic pharmacy, but I have seen similar at health food stores and at Trader Joe's. I think it has helped alot, in combo with more water and the 25,000 i.u. beta carotene (Vite A) as well as perhaps my homeopathic medicine for my character type I took in late October one time.

Hope that helps a little, agree with Diana on previous post, just wanted to add to her post.


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