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If You Want To Try Yasmin Birth Control, Here Is My Story.

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i took yasmin when i was 16 or 17. been on it for 3-4 years. yasmin completely halted the production of my comedonal acne (billions of closed comedones and black heads). it also stopped inflamed acne. i cant remember how long it took for my acne to completely stop. it did not make my acne clear up, it stopped new acne from coming. i was able to treat the already formed acne and make it go away. i like to think my skin was flawless on yasmin.

unfortunately, yasmin is very dangerous and i experienced irregular hearbeat and deep pains in my legs (possible blood clot pains). i stopped this medication in the beginning of this year because i do not want to have such a deadly medicine in my system. upon stopping yasmin, my skin is reverting back to the comedones and 1-2 inflamed acne.

non acne related info about yasmin: after getting off the pill, i never realized how iratable, angry, bitchy, sad, emotional, stressed, sedentary, obsessive, fatigued and overall depressed i was on yasmin! i am very happy, carefree, positive, and pleasant now that i am off the pill. i would never get back on birth control and lose this beatiful boosted mood.

of course you can choose to disregaurd all side effects of this dangerous pill,and jeapordize your health, in order to get great, flawless skin but it's up to you. personally, i would look for an alternative which leads me to this:


ANY information or advice will greatly help. thank you!!!

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