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Does Alcohol Make Acne Worse?

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Yes, if you're prone to acne it definitely CAN make it worse, but it doesn't make everyone's acne worse. It does however, make my acne worse. Alcohol is, afterall, a poison, hence the reason you throw up after a certain amount of it--your body's way of getting rid of the excess poison. Even if you don't have acne, alcohol should be limited, if not completely avoided.

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Depends on the amount of alcohol and things like the condition of your liver/what else you are doing to your liver. And what you are mixing it with.

A little bit can be beneficial, not so much for acne or your liver, but for other aspects of your health such as cardiovascular issues.

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from my experiance, hard liquor but not necessarily beer improves my skin. believe it or not ethanol is a powerful antioxidant in low doses, it combines with the reactive oxygen species h202, which is hydrogen peroxide, to form a phospholipid called phosphatidylethanolamine, which makes up a decent part of the phospholipids in your brain. this phospholipid is also found in egg yolks. so essentially alchohol is an antioxidant because it turns dangerous free radicals into something useful and harmless, which may also be one mechanism that explains why some regular drinkers have better arteries and less heart attacks and why low doses of ethanol have increased the lifespan of c. elegans, which is a worm, by 50%, which is really amazing.

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