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Laser Genesis Experience? - Step 2

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I went to the dermatologist today to look at their before and after photos of the LG treatment. There were only two. One was of a patient who was on accutane when he received the treatment - this was contrary to what was recommended by the doctors on realself.com. Any thoughts? Any way, he had five treatments, which i imagined was over a 3 to 4 month period. In the after-photo, his skin was clear (maybe the accutane?), but it was hard to tell if any scars were treated given that the pre-photo was of skin covered with acne (and hard to tell if there was anything else). So this photo wasn't that valuable to me.

The next one was of male who had similar skin to mine - red, raw, and with PIH. His indentations looked shallow (more so than mine). The post-photo (after 5 treatments) showed his skin as even-toned, no longer raw, and a bit red at parts (a different type of red, though - like a mild red after you get a rub burn from a basketball court - maybe a laser burn?) Anyway, this convinced me to pull the trigger and schedule a appointment. For cheeks and along the jawline, I will pay $1000 for 5 treatments. The whole face (for 5 treatments) cost $1600.

My expectations: healthier looking skin that reduces the appearance of scars and gets rid of "hobo face"- a term I heard that I think is spot-on.

On a side note, this cost means that after graduation (I graduate in May), I will be moving back in with my parents. I've done this before when money was tight. The outcome grew intolerable and forced me to find my own place (once again). Hopefully, by the time I am done with my treatments, nothing - not even negativity incarnate - will be able to rain on my parade.

So my first treatment is March 21 - next Wednesday.

I will take post-treatment photos. Again I want to start a profitable discussion and recording about this treatment. It seems such documentary evidence for scar treatments from the patients themselves is rare and makes many of us who yearn for that right treatment for our troubled skin to be more susceptible to inflated or exaggerated language that has the power to wrongly separate us from our hard-earned money. So please share with me your thoughts or recommendations or anything that can help in better navigating the uncertain and choppy waters of scar treatment. Peace.

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I am always surprised by the lack of accurate before and after photos in particular from the websites of many derms and plastic surgeons. Why oh why can they not replicate the after photo with the same lighting as the before photo. It really irritates me.

Yep.... I highly encourage and feel a great deal of admiration and motivation to the posters who are brave enough to document their journey in particular with before and after photos.

Good luck to you Doubting Tom.

PS - can you define the term 'hobo face' please?? I'm curious......

Also..... lasers would be my absolute last choice before any other procedure. You just hear too many bad experience stories from legitimate people who can not stress enough the downfalls of these procedures. Just make sure you do your homework.

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Hey Under The Radar! Thanks for the good wishes.

Hobo face = a weathered face due to the natural elements and lack of reliable amenities (e.g., soap) used to tend to he skin. In basic terms, sun-damaged, blotchy, and raw looking skin. I found the term when going through sites like these...I thought it was descriptive. But now that I think of it: is it non-neutral and disparaging against a certain segment of the population? IDK

I've attempted to do my due diligence - yet information is limited. On the one hand, I am a student who has access to many different databases, including medical ones. On the other hand, the subject I am looking for is far and few between in such places and other places. LG is a non-ablative laser - it is claimed to be very safe (e.g., very low risk of pigmentary issues and claimed to be safe for all skin types - from Fitzpatrick I to V). It does not disturb the top of the skin, but heats up underneath the skin to help promote collagen growth. The idea, I think, is that the skin will become plumper and raise certain type of scars.

Again my skin looks terrible - the medications have largely stopped the breakouts, but the costs have been tremendous IMO (I refer back to the H-face). I am basing this treatment on hope and the rationalization that if this doesn't work for me, or if it does, it will serve as reliable guidance on determining what is the most appropriate treatment for another person's acne scarring and other skin issues. So here is hoping for the best. Again, thanks for the good wishes.

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