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I just finished my first month on Accutane on 40mg/day (I weigh 110). I went to the dermatologist today and she decided to keep me on 40mg. When I asked her she just said it was because of side effects.

Honestly, I was glad to keep on with 40mg only because I am uninsured.

I'd rather deal with side effects and cost than relapse after finishing my course.

Should I talk to my Dermatologist about it when I go back in 4 weeks or should I just let her do what she thinks is best?

I think maybe she is doing that because uping my dosage would be expensive but I thought I made it clear in the beginning that the cost doesn't matter. I'm a dancer and in order to go back to work I can't have bad skin like this and I can't afford for it to come back.

Some advice would be great.

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i was on 40mg as well and even tho i only weigh 100 i was so paranoid it wasnt a high enough dosage to totally kill the acne, but i was on it for 7 months so i figured that made it better lol

Now its been a little over a year since i stopped tane and i have acne again and may be going back on it soo..if i were u i might try getting it upped if u dont mind worse side effects

I wish i asked for a higher dose because maybe i wouldnt be in the same boat again but you really never know

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I definitely don't want it coming back. I won't have a job if it comes back.

I think I'm going to talk to her about this on my next appointment. The side effects really aren't that bad. I'd rather have a bloody nose, cracked lips, and flaky skin over painful, swollen cysts any day.

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