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How much chromium do you take daily?

I want to get my blood sugar levels fully under control. Three things are needed for that:

-A GM-free, Paleolithic diet

-A strong liver to create GTF from glutathione and chromium efficiently

-The supplementation of chromium and glutathione

Now I have taken care of the first two already, as well as the glutathione supplementation. I have started taking the tincture of greater celandine, milk thistle, dandelion and duizendguldenkruid again, since these bitters and other substances are just so damn good for bile stimulation and liver boosting / detoxification, plus that milk thistle actually increase glutathione levels as mush as by 35%.

But I was wondering what the needed daily supplementation of chromium is for full collaboration with insulin. I have read that it's between about 50-250 mcg daily, but I am not sure..

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You should look elsewhere, because chromium is pretty useless. I have tried it before and it had no measurable impact on post-meal or waking blood glucose concentrations.

I believe that r-ALA is probably the only OTC product that is useful in controlling blood glucose, but it has a very short half life....

Why are you attempting to control your blood glucose anyway? Are you overweight or diabetic, ???

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Ahha, so it was you that made that dispearing post about Chromium GTF! I went back to respond to it and it was gone last week =( Anyway, I do not take Chromium, but would love to hear more about GTF.

Like Evigrex suggested you may want to add in R-ALA. However, I do understand your reasoning for wanting the chromium as this is what our body uses to metabolize sugars, and so the more sugar we eat, especially High Fructose Corn Syrup, the more quickly we use up our supply of chromium. At least that's what I've read about it. Of course it doesn't hurt that it helps with lean muscle mass, but I think R-ALA does that too.

As for the Glutathione, I've read that R- ALA, Silibin (from milk thistile) and a whole host of others can help boost glutathione levels. I myself have chosen to take 1g of pure NAC (start tomorrow) as this is supposedly the best source for boosting glutathione levels, plus it is a great liver detoxifier, antioxidant, and helps reduce insulin & androgen hormones!

I'll let you know what I think of NAC if you'll let me know what you think of the Chromium. Just one thing though, don't use picolinate as this causes DNA damage (what doesn't?), but rather use polynicotinate or nicotinate. Oh and I just read that 200mcg - 1g are effective doses.

Bye for now

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