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4 And A Half Months - The Weekly Notes I Took About What Was Happening During The Regiment, Includes Products, And Tips.

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It's been a long four months since I decided to start this regiment, but I feel like I've come a substantial way. I started my own log to document any progress and setbacks I was experiencing during the regiment, as well as to test out any new products I was using. The log comprises the notes from my first five weeks, and then a follow up of where I am today. The most drastic changes occured in the first 5 weeks, and so I didn't feel the need to keep writing past that time. Products you will find in this log are

Spot - on Benzagel Gel 2.5% BP

Oxy Acne Vanishing Treatment for Sensitive Skin Lotion, 2.5% BP

Dans' Regiment Treatment 2.5% BP

Olay Complete All Day moisturizer, SPF 15, sensitive skin


Jojoba Oil

Cetaphil Cleanser

Started: December 5th

- Went to Shoppers Drug mart, spent $50 after reading over “The Regiment”, found Cetaphil cleanser, Olay All Day Moisturizer in moisturizers/cleansers aisle. Looked for Neutrogena “on the spot treatment” as suggested for a treatment. A young store assistant came over, and when I told him what I was looking for, he suggested “Spot on Benzagel” gel.

- Despite this product not being on the recommended items, I bought it, as assistants’ skin was gorgeously clear and fair. He seemed familiar with “The regiment” without really mentioning it, saw my products, and reminded me to chose 2.5% over 5 or 10%

- Went to organics store, replaced soap with 100% Glycerine bar, fragrance free, additional chemicals free. Glycerine was a recommended ingredient to look for in cleansers.

- Began following Regime to the dot, tossed all my facecloths and old products into the cupboard, made active choice to stop touching and picking at my face, try to drink more water.

One week mark

- Saw improvement. Skin is noticeably clear-er. Zits have drastically reduced from bumps to flat red spots on skin. BP has slowed any new zits from forming within week. Promising results considering I have yet to up the dosage at all from the first recommended small amount.

- Skin, on the other hand is a travesty. Dead and irritated would be two easy words to use. Within 3 days, my hydrated oily complexion became a barren desert. It feels thick and stiff on my face, like there are large pieces of tape covering my face whenever I try to move it or talk. That would be the best approximation for how this feels, as after about 3 minutes after applying treatment or washing my face, it starts to itch. I’ve resisted scratching.

- Whenever I apply the moisturizer on top of the BP, my face just burns. I have a high pain threshold, and minutes after putting on the moisturizer, I feel like crying. It burns so much I can’t tell if it’s a cold burn or a warm burn. After the first 4 days, I resorted to mixing in Vitamin E oil into the moisturizer before applying. No drastic change in comfort. A day later I went out and purchased some jojoba oil as suggested in The Regiment, again, no real change in comfort. Went online searching for a desperate answer, came across Vaseline in a few searches. Switched my night time moisturizer to a coat of Vaseline on the areas I coat with BP, burning completely gone. Itching however has increased. Feels like I have chicken pox. What I would do for some chamomile lotion to put on, but I don’t want to muddle with The Regiment.

- The addition of makeup: I regularly wear makeup, but held off on the first 4 days of the regiment due to a long weekend. When applying foundation with a sponge, burning effect took over again. Barely worn it since.

Two week mark

- Day 8: skin retaining moisture better since switch to Vaseline yesterday. Itch is becoming unbearable. Fell into temptation and scratched at the sides of my face with Kleenex covered fingers, skin started flaking away in large sections. Most terrifying moment of being on The Regiment so far. Took shower directly after, washed face gently and let water try to soothe the itch. Covered area in Vaseline without any BP treatment for night to try and heal. Looking forward to “second week breakout” as outlined in Regiment expectations. So far, skin looks pasty, oily and flaky. Patience is a virtue!

- Second breakout consisted of getting a few small on the surface zits, and one cist type zit on chin.

- Vaseline does wonders for moisturizing; skin went back to soft and smooth after one full day and night of Vaseline. I now use it as a moisturizer during night time. I apply it about half an hour after I apply the Olay moisturizer, allowing the Olay moisturizer to dry a bit beforehand.

- BP still stings, but not as heavily as before. Feel this may have something to do with how dry your skin is when you put the BP on. I find that applying moisturizer the morning after moisturizing with Vaseline stings substantially less.

- However, even with Vaseline and doubling the moisturizer, the burning and itching is returning steadily. Starting to feel my skin is either too sensitive for BP 2.5%, or that I am allergic to it. Still seeking answers online.

- Contacted the owners of Acne.org telling them about my hyper-sensitivity to BP, they assured me this was normal for everyone and to stick to the amount of BP I was putting on my face.

Week three mark (onset of week 4)

- Skin is mostly clear, save a few dark spots on my chin and cheeks

- Not entirely sure of what the improvement is, had flu and ended up rubbing my face into rough sheets during fever. Ended up with full face of a red aggravated rash. Stopped regime for 2 days because I couldn’t eat or drink, let alone apply treatment to my face twice a day.

- Couldn't stand the stinging or itching anymore, and went on Acne.org forums seeking answers.

- Lowered the dose of BP as suggested by the users in Acne.org forums to ease the pain. So far seems to be doing the same work as a larger dose. Skin is no longer dry, itch is fading. Thank you forum users!

Week 4: One month since starting

- Similar results as week three, doesn’t seem to be any drastic improvement. Obviously a result from lowering BP dosage.

- Started wearing less foundation now that skin is clearing up, only applying to dark spot areas.

- Skin is smooth.

- Applying Vaseline each night does wonders, not only stopped flakiness, but also stopped my face from producing more oils during the day. I usually have a very oily complexion in my t-zone, not anymore.

- It’s a slow process to improvement, and I feel lazy following the regimen now, but I still make an effort as even with my face spotted in dark healing marks my face is still clearer than it has been in almost a decade.

- Switched to OXY acne vanishing treatment for sensitive skin with 2.5% BP lotion. Now understand what people mean by the white marks being left when you use lotion. Been using it for two days so far, won’t know how well it treats for a couple of weeks I suppose. Still intend to try Dan’s BP treatment.

Week 5

- Similar results of previous weeks. No new pimples. Just waiting for the final red spots to fade with time. They are slowly disappearing, expect they will be gone within a month.

- Oxy acne treatment is the softest treatment so far, it feels much more gentle than the Benzagel treatment, however the white streaks left from the drying lotion persist, I have to cover them up with makeup. The size of the bottle is small though, good for travelling. I'm going to save it for the nights where I stay over at other houses instead of carrying a large bottle of Dan's BP around.

4 month, 1 week

- Skin has finally gotten used to the regiment and has stopped flaking and drying out. Stopped adding Vaseline to my face a few weeks ago and my skin has yet to relapse into desert dryness.

- Personal regiment is currently:

Cetaphil cleanser,

A pea sized amount of Dan’s BP treatment,

A nickel to a quarter sized amount of Olay moisturizer with a few drops of jojoba oil mixed in.

Applied twice daily when I wake up before putting on makeup, and after shower, a few hours before I go to bed (allows time for moisturizer to sink in before I hit my pillow).

- Makeup no longer sloughing off or irritating me. Apply with a sponge applicator in dabbing motion instead of smearing it on. Take off with Marcelle oil-free makeup remover (both fragrance free, and hypo-allergenic). I try not to leave makeup on for longer than 6-8 hours, and after taking it off, if I’m not about to step into the shower, I put a few drops of jojoba oil in my palms and spread it over my face, and it really feels marvellous.

- Skin in smooth, still slightly red with the application of BP, but not stinging, burning, uncomfortable, nor feeling like a second glove over my face anymore. Woohoo!

- Just ran out of Cetaphil cleanser today, for $4, that is what I’m going to recommend the most. It was gorgeously gentile. Not enough to be a makeup remover on it’s own, but for a light non aggravating cleanser, very lovely. Lasted over 4 months.

- No under the skin cyst like zits anymore! Every few weeks I will still get a small little zit up around my cheekbone, but it’s not nearly red enough, nor large enough to notice. They’re not even apparent enough for me to want to “pop” them.

- Got my first compliment on my skins improvement the other week, from my hyper critical grandmother. She then went on to say that while my skin looked better, she didn’t like my hair. Can’t have everything.


- Pure Glycerine soap was a beautiful change to my shower routine, I recommend it to everyone with sensitive skin. It’s fragrance free, no added chemicals to aggravate your skin, but it’s also a very cleanly soap. It doesn’t deposit anything on the skin after being used. Bought it from a health food store for about $1.40 a bar. Brought the first change to my skins appearance that I noticed.

- Olay Daily Complete moisturizer I’m not too fond of, it doesn’t sink into the skin fast enough for me to enjoy wearing, and it runs a little pricey for students. But it hasn’t seemed to give me any problems with clogging pores or anything.

- Jojoba oil, fantastic. Buy it. Feels great on skin if you apply it for a few hours before the regiment. Be sure to wash it off before applying BP though.

- The first 3 months were the most gruelling time of the regiment, both with forcing myself into a new routine, and the pain I went through to get nicer skin, but at month 4 everything seems to be stepping into line. As it’s now March, I’m hoping that by June or July the final red spots left on my skin will have healed enough for me to go around without wearing any makeup this summer. An exciting prospect and something I haven’t been able to do since I was 13.

- If it hurts, lessen the dosage. Don't take Dan's regiment for law. If you have fair, sensitive skin, or are allergic to fragrences or soaps, approach it with caution. Like the forum's said in regard to my own predicament: take it slow, and if you see improvement with a smaller amount, stick to that amount.

- As far as Back acne occurring, I feel most of it clearing up was thanks to the glycerine bar, and stopping my use of a loufa to aggravate the area, but every 3 days or so I will apply some BP treatment to the general area before I go to bed – no moisturizer on top, and it seems to have cleared up no problem. Hello strappy dresses this summer!

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