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Derma- Stamp/ Need Some Serious Options. Depressed

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So i went to my dermatologist today, i have a port-wine stain on the left side of my cheek i am

treating with the (pulse dye laser) I was talking to her about how i wasted to starting Derma-rolling/ derma- stamping for my red marks left by acne and some boxcar scarring i have on my cheeks that bug the sh*t out of me. She said she couldn't be be sure or really say if it would work or not, since it's not done by someone who went to schooling for it. (she pretty much said it sounded kind scechy) i got some retin-A from her (0.025%) i was going to use it with the derma-stamping but now i just have NO idea what to do... she said light pills for the face might work for me and aren't too much money. she also said the best thing for the type of scarring i want to get rid of is using the Frexal laser, the only problem about that is it cost so much money. /: i just want to get rid of these boxcar scares... and dealing with a port-wine stane at the same time is just making me want to shoot myself in the head. i need advice on what to do, should i get the derma-stamp? i need to do something ASAP, all this damn waiting around doing absolutely nothing about it is making me just want to die sad.png Help. need some serious options

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