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Dry/chapped Lips, But Only When Talking

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Hi all!

Been on accutane for a month now. First 40 mg, started 80mg today. Side effects are dry skin + dry lips.

I thought I solved the dry lips problem by moisturizing and such. However, I found out that the biggest problem is talking/chewing. It's really annoying, 'cause after 10 minutes of intensive talking or so, my lips start chapping all over, it's really obvious and it looks awkward.

To be honest, my dry lips are currently more of a social obstruction than my acne. I'm getting scared to talk too much, or to chew gum/candy, since i'll have to go to the toilet every 10 minutes, remove the skinpeel, put on new moisturizing creme, etc.

Has anyone of you experienced this same problem? If so, how did you solve it? I tried a bunch of chap sticks, "lanette creme", purol/vaseline, and some other vaseline like products.

Should I keep looking for the ultimate chapstick/lip-product? Or is there another solution I can take? I'm starting to think more seriously about quitting accutane now. With acne people sort of understand your situation, but with skinpeel all over your lips, it just makes me feel more miserable.


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I have the same exact problem and have yet to find something that works and I am on my third course of tane and only week 3 of this 3rd course and my lips are already very dry. I use aquaphor as its the closest thing that somewhat helps.

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This is my 5th month of Accutane, and I can tell you it's not going to get better. I hate the chapped lips. People actually notice them even though I use a lip balm every 10 minutes.

The general rule is that you're not supposed to peel the skin off. I know it's hard, but peeling causes bleeding and redness and doesn't allow the lip to heal. I haven't been practicing what I'm preaching, though.

As long as my lips are drowned in chap stick, I don't peel. But as soon as my lips dry out, it feels so gross I want to rip my face off!

I used Maybelline Baby Lips, which worked nice, but wasn't the best. I used an Avon lip moisturizer which was also good. Right now I'm using Nivea's A Kiss of Reovery. It's only SPF 6, but it's working well and I think I'm picking the skin off less.

Also, don't use any regular lipstick or lipgloss. Those things just make it worse.

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Thanks for your replies. I cannot get aquaphor where I am right now, but I will keep looking for it!

I'll try some spf chapsticks as well.

Today was rather okay. Maybe because I only used chapstick. Normally I would also use some cremes at daytime. I think this made it worse -> creme + saliva + skin = white 'epileptic' like foam in your mouth maybe?

So today I just used chapstick, and used it more than normally. Went rather ok! Tonight some vaseline and we'll see tomorrow.

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