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Does Anybody Only Get Bad Skin On One Side Of Their Face?

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I only seem to get bad skin on the right side of my face within the last few months since my acne has flared up, does anybody else experience this???

Could it be related to how I am sleeping/pillow?

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I don't get that myself, although I have read that dirty bed sheets / oil and dirt on the bed sheets are a huge factor in acne, wired I know but, I also read that putting a new, clean, soft towel over your pillows every night is suppose to clear up all bed related acne.

I'd give it a go!

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I find that one side of my face will break out if I don't change my pillowcases enough - I tend to drool in my sleep which doesn't help either!

Also, if I think about how I sit at work, I sometimes end up leaning with my elbow on the desk and my hand on my chin which then leads to breakouts if I'm not careful.

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Yeah I used to. the whole left side of my face became acne-free first, but the right side of my face was a minefield. My forehead suffered random breakouts, but the right-side was always on fire.

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I was normally changing my pillow cases once a week, and accasionally sleeping with hair product on, as of a few days ago i have changed the cases every day and wont sleep without taking the product out, hopefully this will help :/

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