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Laser Genesis Experience?

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I am 27 year old male who's been treating his acne for nearly a decade. For a good portion of those years I have been relatively acne free using BP, benzamycin, retin a and doxcycline. In the last year, due to a combination of factors - personal crisis and search for new remedies - my skin has become rough and blotchy and now has several shallow to moderate scarring. The scarring being relatively new, and probably due to the fact that I use BP and retin-a, the redness on the indentations makes them look even deeper in certain lighting.

My acne is somewhat under control, except now I use my own combination of clindamycin phosphate gel and BP gel (my insurance doesn't cover acne prescriptions so I can't afford benzaclin or duac easily) instead of the benzamycin. That being the case, I am considering Laser Genesis treatment. It will be a thousand dollars for five treatment. Done by a medical license technician with 7 years of experience.

The information online has been all over the place from it's a scam to it's a miracle worker and everything in between. Most of the pictures I find online of the before and after are the same and come from the Cutera site (maker of the LG). this makes me question it's effectiveness - my logic being: why isn't there more photographic evidence of it's claimed results? I am planning on going to the dermatology's office this Friday to look at their personal before and after.

So I offer a few things to interested readers in return for your thoughts, knowledge, experience, and general impression of LG.

First, I have taken hundreds of pictures of my progress over the past few months. So I have the potential before pictures.

Second, I will report the before and after photos I saw on Friday.

And finally, if I choose to undergo the treatment, I am going to post the after photos after each treatment to demonstrate what it's done for my skin type (rough, blotchy, mild scarring).

I understand that there may be some risk that this is a huge waste of money and I should just go to Europe or somewhere and enjoy myself, live life. But at the same time, my life has been turned upside down by what has happened to my face and I feel I will get a significant boost to my life if l am successfully treated for my skin issues. So I figure, assuming I do decide to under treatment, that if the treatment is a bust at least there is a well documented case study of the real possible effects of this treatment.

So the balancing of interests breaks down as follows: waste of money vs. successful treatment and/or well-recorded documentary tale.

So to those interested readers, please send me your opinions, experiences, knowledge, and general impression of the LG, and any other considerations I might want to factor into my decision whether to undergo treatment. Also, the medical laser technician told me that the newer the scar, the better it will respond to the treatment. Being somewhat of a cynic, I initially thought it was just a ploy to have me pull the trigger and immediately schedule my first treatment. So has anyone heard this or anything that might give it some validity or refute it outright?

Thank you interested readers. I hope this might bring a mutually profitable journey. Peace.

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