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Hi everybody,

I've been coming to this site for awhile now, but this is the first time I have ever posted something. I've read alot about different acne treatments on this site and have tried a bunch of them, but nothing ever seems to work. I've been suffering from moderate acne since I was 16. And with any treatment I've done, the best I can get is managed acne, I haven't had a day of clear skin since I was 15 or 16.

I've been on some variation of prescription washes, gels, or creams for the past seven years and I just can't take dealing with this stuff anymore. I've been on Minocyclin, Doxycyclin, and Tetrocyclin. I tried Dan's regimen, and that went horribly for me (BP and I do not do well with eachother, especially when applied twice a day) I've done Proactiv, Retin-ae, Differin, Duac, Tazorac, Aczone in different combinations.

My current skincare routine: Right now I'm using the Cetaphil antibacterial bar for my face and body, applying Aczone twice a day, and Tazorac at night. If I have a big inflamed pimple I'll use some BP on it at night. I eat a pretty healthy diet for a college student, and I work out regularly. I supplement with Fish Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Zinc, but I'm not sure if these are really doing anything. With this routine, my skin is about the best that I have been able to get it, but again, it's never clear. As soon as the old scars start to fade and things are looking good, I'll flare up with some new breakouts. I love how gentle the Aczone is, but I just changed insurances and its even more insanely expensive than it was before, so I need to find something new to use.

My dermatologist brought accutane up a few years ago and I said no immediately, I had read about the side effects and it scared me too much. I always told myself I would never let it come to me taking accutane, but I'm losing hope that anything else will help. I always told myself when I was younger, It'll just be a few more years and then you will be clear, but I'm 23 now, graduating from college soon, and my acne shows no signs of slowing down.

About my skin: I'm very fair (100% irish) and my skin is oily (just my face) My acne started as lots of small red bumps when I was younger, but over the past few years it has turned into less active acne, but now I get gross puss filled ones, and an occasional large painful cystic one. Right now I probably have around 10 actives on my face and neck, along with some hyperpigmentation, which really shows on my fair skin. I understand that others have had it much worse, and would love to have their skin look like mine does, but I can't keep living this way. Constantly worried about my skin, constantly checking myself in the mirror and never being satisfied. My acne is such a drain on my confidence and self-esteem, and the older I get, the more it affects me. I try as much as possible not to think about it, but its hard when you spend so much money and time on skincare. After seven years of applying different creams and gels, and the worry, and the social anxiety. I've had enough, I just want to be done with Acne.

So please, if you have taken accutane (negative or positive results) or if my story sounds similar to yours and you have some advice for me I would love to hear from you guys.

Peace and Love

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I was like you, my doctor mentioned accutane to me when i was like 16 and i immediately said "no way!! never!" because of all the horror stories i heard about it and everything, but then when i was 18/19 my skin was so bad she asked me again and i was soo glad to go on it. I am also very pale and have oily skin and let me just say accutane was such an amazing experience i reallyyyy regretted not doing it earlier, like the first time my doc asked me. By the end of my course i honestly was so sad i had to stop taking it i wish i could have stayed on it forever and ever lol but that would be so bad for your body. My skin got so perfect it was like a dream come true. sadly im a year and a bit post accutane and my skin is bugging me again so im considering taking it again in hopes that it will cure me for good this time, but even if it doesnt at least ill get a few months of paradise again lol. You really should give it a try, and if you dont like it just stop taking it, but theres a chance it could really amaze you

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I had a similar experience as sh1234. I refused roaccutane the first time it was offered because of the internet horror stories, then a couple of years passed and more cystic acne scaring occurred, so I hesitantly accepted roaccutane. Four months later and my skin was clear, for 3 years. Acne came back but with much less severity as before, so took a second course and four months later my skin is clear again.

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Thanks for the responses guys, I've kinda been going back and forth in my mind about whether or not I want to do it for awhile now. My skin will get bad and I'll just be like fuck it I'm gonna go for it, but then I'll start to to clear up and think that it isn't worth all the possible side effects. The stuff still scares the shit out of me, but I think I'm going to at least bring it up next time I see my dermatologist.

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I also have Irish skin, and I have tried many of the things you have (Duac didn't work, Benzoyl Peroxide doesn't work, Proactiv or antibiotics didn't work, but Differin worked a little.) I am currently on my 5th month of Accutane and it's been tough because there are so many side effects. They're not ruining my life, but they're quite annoying. I think going on Accutane is worth a shot, especially because acne as an adult is a million times more humiliating than having it at 16.

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