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Breakouts, Facial Hair, Weight Gain.. Who To See?

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I dont have severe acne, but my skin has gotten progressively worse over the last 2 years and I think theres an underlying medical issue.

I think I may have PCOS based on the symptoms (hormonal breakouts, increase in upper lip hair, difficulty losing weight, abdominal pain). My main issue is that I dont have insurance since I'm in school and only work part time and I'm not sure who I should be seeing, dermatologist, endocrinologist or gynecologist?

I went to a low cost clinic couple months ago, they ran a bunch of tests, but didnt find anything abnormal, but then again, I'm not sure if they tested specifically to check my hormonal levels or not.

I'm thinking endocrinologist would be most appropriate, but I'm really not sure.

Any ideas?

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Abdominal pain can be a symptom of PCOS. Your other symptoms are classic PCOS too. I would have thought a gynaecologist or endocrinologist would be the people to see. In the UK I would say go to your GP/doctor and they would refer you, but not sure how the system works where you are. Sorry can't help more.

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Sounds like seeing a gyno is best. They can test for PCOS and assess what is going on. Do you have a women's health clinic in your area? They're sometimes cheaper because you're usually seen by a nurse practitioner and then the gyno assesses things. They will also be able to refer you to a derm should you not have PCOS and just need acne tx. Sometimes hormone tests come back normal but you are still sensitive to androgens. Spiro works nicely for this. Seeing an endocronologist is something to do with a referral from your GP or gyno. But usually a gyno can run the tests.

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