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Not Sure What To Do...advice?

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Since the beginning of January, my skin has been acting up and has been consistently breaking out.

February and this month it has been especially bad.

I started using my Clarisonic Mia on Feb. 19th so this is about my fourth week into it. My skin is really gross! *I also stopped using my Retin-a because, after a year of using it, I still have acne*

So I need advice from where to go from here....

I've been getting lots of acne on my chin, and this week on my forehead. Also in random spots like the side of the bridge of my nose. The acne is basically everywhere. (cheeks too)

My skin care:


Olay foaming fash wash for oily/normal skin

CeraVe moisturizer


Remove makeup with Neutrogena makeup wipes (blue pack)

Using Clarisonic for 1 min in shower w/ Olay foaming face wash

CeraVe moisturizer

Spot treat with Tea tree oily (diluted)

*I gently exfoliate with physical exfoliant or a sample of a Glycolic acid that i got from Mario Badescu 1-2x a week

*I also use my Queen Helene face mask (mint one) once or twice a week

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Why dont u try the acne.org regimen?...Ive been on it for like 6 weeks and all my spots that i had have gone, i only have the marks left over from them

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What's your diet like? I don't believe in using damaging topicals to fix skin. People didn't need toxins to correct skin long ago, and we don't need it now. If you find your diet has been poor, I'd recommend some chromium polynicotinate. Works wonders for reducing inflammation and reducing oil in a lot of people, myself included. Insulin resistance could be your problem, which is what chromium works to help with.

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Haha i feel ya..i had a serious sugar and dairy addiction cuz i could get away with it(ran 50-60 miles a week in high school). Couldn't break the sugar habit til i started taking chromium though! Seriously stops the cravings...makes it reallllll easy to cut sugar.

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try some natural remedies. i love doing a honey-olive oil mask. trust me, it'll help with breakouts and hyperpigmentation. you look young, it's probably just hormones. same with me :/

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The Clarisonic Mia (or any other such device) can divide people on whether they actually have any benefit or make people's skin worse. I've read quite a lot on the message boards of Makeup Alley, that people have broken out worse because of the Mia. Its something to bear in mind!

Try zinc supplementation (fights inflammation and reduces breakouts) and also take Vitamin C (vital for healthy skin) and also Vitamin E supplements.

Work on reducing your sugar intake, and limit gluten/dairy. Try avoiding caffeine if you drink it a lot (I never realised how much it affected me until I started avoiding it!)

Personally, I don't like face wipes - I much prefer to take off my make up with cleanser (I lather my face + rinse and then repeat to ensure all makeup removed) and face wipes irritate me. Even just using them to remove my eye makeup will cause spots underneath my eyes if I let it touch my face!

Drink at least two litres of water a day, eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as well and that will help :)

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