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Results From Being On The Regimen For 7 Months Straight

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It has been a rough ride and there is still plenty progress to be made still, but I can gladly say that the regimen did give me the results I wanted in less than a year which is great.

My breakout was caused from taking protein shakes constantly and it got to point where my skin was just completely out of control even though I stopped taking the shakes it was too late... talk about learning a lesson. I tried lots of things that just irritated my skin even more making it worse until I finally committed to the regimen (using cetaphil cleanser instead).

I was in a really bad place mentally and felt like I wasted a whole year of my youth refusing to go out while dealing with this problem but at least the worst is over. Scarring is still pretty bad on the sides and jawline but I'm hoping chemical peels + micro dermabrasion will give some kind of relief any advice on that would be appreciated.

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Thanks guys! Hope it works as good for others. The key for me was slowly increasing the amount of bp being used. Ya.. if you have any kind of intolerance to milk I would avoid any protein shakes at all costs! (even the lactose free ones like isopure) they screwed my skin up so bad it was ridiculous. Gaining muscle by eating healthy sources of protein like turkey, chicken, fish, and quinoa is the way to go.

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