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Extremely Oily Skin - Within 15 Minutes Of Cleansing

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Hello everyone, I am new to the forums.

I've had terribly oily skin and large blackheads on my nose and forehead since I was about 16 years old. I am now 21 and my problems have escalated to the point where I have become depressed. I don't go out much with friends anymore, and I try to avoid being too close to people when talking with them for fear that they are disgusted. It's sad to say but it occupies my thoughts all day and I am miserable.

15 minutes after I wash my face I can see beads of oil building up from each individual pore on my nose (and somewhat on my forehead, though it isn't as bad). I want to stress that when I say "extremely" I mean EXTREMELY oily. I don't suffer from pimples that much; with the exception of a few every now and then. My cheeks and chin are what I consider to be normal. I have tried everything possible to combat this. Here is what I have done thus far:

Salicylic Acid Cleansers

Benzoyl Peroxide Cleansers

Tea Tree Oil

Black Tea (supposedly reduces DHT)

Biore Pore Strips


Retin-A Micro (.04%)

Drinking a lot of water, good diet and exercise

I have been on Retin-A Micro (.04%) for 3 months now and have yet to see results. In fact I have noticed an increase in the oil production. My dermatologist is useless and is more concerned with keeping my appointments short than with actually helping me. I'm hoping someone can help me. I've given up hope of anything working for me. cry.gif

I'm sorry if the post was too long. Thank you in advance for any tips.

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I have super oily skin too... but I have acne along with it. So... consider yourself lucky.

Have you tried glycolic acid (30%) or salicylic acid in 20% ?? The typical strength you get in drugstores is useless. Look on amazon or ebay to find the stronger solutons and give that a try.. but be super careful about following directions. You can burn your skin and you must keep it away from eyes, mouth and mucous membranes. Since you don't have acne, I would think glycolic acid at 30% might be a good starting point for you. It cleared the blackheads on my nose within a week. I use it once every 4 or 5 days for 3 minutes and then rinse really well with cold water.

I've found that taking zinc daily seems to lessen my oil production. Not substantially, but it does seem to help. Also, blotting sheets are my friend.

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I have not tried glycolic acid yet. I will definitely give that a try. Also, I think my multivitamin has some zinc in it, but not much. Do I need to be taking a specific amount?

Thank you for the help. smile.png

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i have extremely oily skin as well plus acne. I find that blotting with brown napkins is pretty effective in reducing shine. I would recommend SPIRONOLACTONE or Yaz/Yasmin to help control the oiliness. Its most likely cuz of your androgen levels being so high. I would take either medication if i wasnt so sensitive to everything. GOOD LUCK

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I looked into Spironolactone at one point but I was afraid to try it due to its side effects. I don't want to develop breasts!

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I looked into Spironolactone at one point but I was afraid to try it due to its side effects. I don't want to develop breasts!

Oh gawd. PLEASE DONT TRY weird supplements.

This is coming from me who tried everything on Iherb.com. Nothing works for me.

1) Supplements are too troublesome to handle. I had to eat like 10pills a day.

2) Supplements are new fields. They are as new as when moderen-day DNA was discovered 50-60 years ago. I suggest caution at companies saying "XXX cures ACNE" At the end of the day you will see the label --> "Product do not treat any ...., consult your Doctor..."

To treat Oily SKin cut down on the processed food. Once you cut down on those, your Oiliness should be reduced.

What kind of skin you want?

Super-Dry Skin or Manageable Oily Skin?

Dry Skin do suffer from Acne. The crux lies in the food we put inside.

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