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Hello, Im 16 years old male.

I have had acne since i was about 12/13. However my acne wasn't severe or anything like that it was one pimple here on there and it carried on like that untill about 6 months ago. I got a massive breakout i went straight away to my GP and he adivised me to go on Tetralysal 300mg and use duac only daily cream, i have been using this for two months now i feel that the spots had stopped but there is so many red marks that is horrible to look at

is there anything that i can do? why has my acne worsened? Im thinking on going on the blogs regime will it work for the red marks?


i have another appointment wit my GP on this friday, what shall i ask? as in topicals or another antibiotic?


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Unfortunately red marks will only go as long as you prevent new acne forming, although you can do things to help improve your skin overall which helps diminish them.

Try AHA+, from acne.org, one night use a small amount of it, it will sting, but it does for everyone on their first try, build your way to to a decent amount.

Lactic acid creams are fantastic for red marks, although I myself have never found one that suits me, even though the ones I tried where really dry and went hard on my skin, it still left my skin feeling amazing!

I don't think theres proof for this but preventing inflammation also helps me, for example, I always use cold/luke warm water to wash my face, never hot, hot water irritates mine, and I'm sure many other peoples faces.

I guess diet does come into play here too, I recently have been stuffing my face with sugar, white processed sugars, and since, my face has not exactly developed acne again, but I can look and see that if I wasn't using BP, I'd defiantly have a crap face again!

Also, exfoliate your face often, but not every day, with jojoba oil, or bicard of soda if you so choose (I'd recommend jojoba,) getting rid of dead skin cells helps a lot!

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