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I have been reading on this site for a long time. I finally felt like I should comment. Some of the stories hit so close to home. When I was 16 i had it all a girlfriend a car and numerous friends. now it seems like all that has disappeared. It feels like I have been punished for having such a great life until now. i had taken accutane for 4 months and it was helping giving me more conifidence, that is what we all really need. Then i quit and now taking B5 and topical stuff. Sometimes I ask myself where did I go wrong. Why me, I'm sure youy do too. I like to write hopefully getting this off my chest.


Feeling lonely surrounded by family and friends.

Where does this stop, when does it end.

It is troubling enough to have to face it.

An understanding of ones self I will never get.

It seems as a gift given to the wise.

Like only they are to unmask their disguise.

I want that knowledge which means so much.

As if it was my destiny to never have such.

I can tell the knowledge is becomming clearer.

The answer is only moving nearer.

One day I will have complete and total understanding.

Of this man before me which is standing.

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^ thats kinda cool

way the crap better than that other "rap" if thats what you can call it that was posted not too long ago....

anyway man yea a lot of people feel like that here...some are extreme cases, some are mild. Some of us come here to lend support, some of come here to recieve it. thanks for your 2 cents....come back wheneva you want...

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thanks it is actually kinda hard to be doing this it makes me feel kinda helpless, but talking about this probably will help me more than any medication.

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