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Blackheads On Forehead Turning Into Zits ;\

I have no idea how I have blackheads on my forehead as I've been using Dr.Bronner soap twice a day and I've been applying aloe vera (fresh) Also, I eat very healthy.. I'm a vegan raw (95%-100% raw) There's a lot of very tiny blackheads on my forehead. I wouldn't never see it, but I was up close to the mirror and saw it. No wonder why I am breaking out on my forehead pretty bad.. Is there a natural way to remove blackheads before they turn into zits? A few already turned into small zits.. not sure if they will grow big. ;\ I did got a few ugly zits.. kinda big. I use my hat everyday to hide it.. :\ My skin is freaking out anyways.. I did got a few zits on cheeks. Not good to break out there as it leaves scarring, but I didn't touch it , etc.. so probably not.

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Hi fellow vegan :) (although I'm not raw...however much I'd like to be!)

Blackheads aren't something I've suffered with but I know that a lot of people have success with BHA which basically clears out the pore and helps prevent blackheads. I use BHA (from Paula's Choice because we have very few BHA products in the UK) for calming inflammation from pustules and its a great product.

I would advise to get a BHA that isn't loaded with unhelpful and irritating ingredients - i.e. steer clear of Clean + Clear etc - which is why Paula's Choice comes so highly recommended. I use the liquid and there's lot of positive reviews. I'm sure that there are drugstore products that you could use as well though.

Hope that helps :)

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Thanks! I will just use that on my forehead where the blackheads are. Wonder if I can apply aloe vera along with BHA >_>

YEah. being a vegan is great!! I feel great and very happy. I'm never in a bad mood, etc... despite of this bad breakouts ;\

The benefits are awesome and I am saving lots of animals a years ^^

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