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Oil Cleansing Method Question...(3 Weeks Post-Accutane)

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Hey folks,

I just finished 8 months of accutane, first two were 60mg/day; following six were 80 mg/day. No cysts or acne since finishing up treatment. Left with horrible skin tone (I am of mixed combination) and red marks/scars.

It feels as if my skin is in a healing stage and so I've decided to begin using the Oil Cleansing Method. I've read comments from various people online saying that they have had bad breakouts when using the oil cleansing method. I have also read that switching to a cleanser containing a more 'chemical' makeup, after you have been using the OCM for a while, can have negative results.

I'm wondering if this is a good idea to continue cleansing with this method? I use Castor and Jojoba oil. I've done two cleanses, and will continue to do one cleanse every other day. My skin does feel softer than it has in the best few months, but maybe there is some correlation between these first two washes and me not having digested any isotretinoin for three weeks.

Had anyone had any history with this method? What were your results like? Has anyone who finished accutane began this method and had positive results?

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply,


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Sure. Lots of people use it. I use water only and oil cleanse when i have makeup to remove. If it didn't break you out, then keep doing it. The only way to know if it breaks you out is if you try it.

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I also used after my second cycle of accutane (yeah, my Derm wanted me to do it a third time too, ick) and it didn't break me out at all. I really liked it because it hydrated my tight post-accutane skin and made it kinda glowy.

Now I use raw honey to wash my face, but I still occasionally do the OCM to remove make up; it works lovely for that.

To each his own, i guess.

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I use hazelnut oil or tamanu oil. Coconut oil breaks me out so I stay away from that on my face and use it for my body and for cooking. Natural oils are amazing, I will never buy an expensive chemical filled moisturizer again. Find an oil that doesn't break you out and is good for your skin type (how oily it is) and you will be set. Removes makeup amazingly too, no need for makeup remover.

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Question: Do you do anything for exfoliation? I've been wanting to add a light exfoliation routine in with this method (to help fade old scars quicker) but am not sure when/how/where I should add it in and what should I use.

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I have a hard time with exfoliation as well. Sometimes I steam my face and try to rub my skin in circles to get the circulation going and get rid of any dead skin with my fingers (helps if you have wrinkled fingers from being in the bath too long haha!) I used to use a small amount of baking soda mixed with water for exfoliation but I've read it alters the ph of your skin and is also quite drying/irritating. Maybe one of the best things would be a glove made of those special fabrics that they sell to exfoliate the body or a kind of skin brush. If anyone has any good ideas I'm interested as well!

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Well with the baking soda, I've heard if you apply a toner afterwards made with diluted apple cider vinegar (an acid) it balances the effect of the very alkaline baking soda on your skin. I think this is true, because I have dreadlocks and that's how you wash them (rinse with a baking soda/essential oil mix and then rinse with an apple cider vinegar water). Since I've been doing this my scalp has been way healthy, so it must work! Maybe I'll try it on my face. I tried it long long ago and I can't really remember what the results were, but at that point I was using BP and a whole mess of other unnatural products so who knows.

Looks like baking soday/acv experiment is in order. I was thinking a toner made with a mix of green tea, apple vinegar, witch hazel and chamomile might be good. But I'll try one thing at a time before mixing it together to see how I react.

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