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What Do You Think Is The Biggest Culprit Of Your Acne?

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Guest Playing_In_Traffic

Okay, so there are a ton of things that can cause acne...of course. I have several things that I believe factor into mine, but one thing above all else is.....SUGAR.

I honestly, 100% think that excess sugar gives me acne. Specifically, sugar tends to give me cysts on my chin and jawline. Try as I may to stay away from it, it can be soooo difficult for me! What's weird is that, I don't even like cake, pie, or many other desserts, but I LOVE candy, and I also work at Starbucks. Frappuccinos do bad things to the acne-stressed face...baaad things, I tell you!(the caffeine doesn't help, either)

So, I'd like to try a candida cleanse. I am slowly working towards this and getting a little closer every day.

Anyway, my answer is sugar, both processed and natural. Next in line would be:

2. Dairy

3. Caffeine

4. Stress

5. Liquid Foundation(makeup)

6. Gluten

And the list could kind of go on, sadly. Still, if I can control #1 better, I think I might see great improvement in the health of my skin.

So, what do you think is the biggest contributing factor of your acne?

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2) seed oils

3) nuts

3) dairy (i might be better now that my digestive system is somewhat healed. I'll have to reintroduce it soon)

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1 - caffeine (gives me awful pustules and sometimes cystic)

2 - stress (on my forehead, deep pustules)

3 - gluten

4 - hormones (currently without my monthly cycle so I take evening primrose oil to regulate)

I also avoid citrus, apples, sodium and experimenting with eliminating nightshades (potatoes, peppers and tomatoes)

I would say stress is the most difficult to handle because I can't take a pill for stress and certainly can't take control of it! Its an external factor that isn't within my control which I find the most frustrating.

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I haven't had a zit form since I stopped using topicals and cleansers 3 weeks ago! I have also been purposely eating whatever the hell I want which has likely been bad for my overall health but with no negative effect on my skin one bit. So I believe the main culprit in my problem skin has been cleansers and topicals.

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Hormones and inadequate exfoliation. I have to say... I got 20% salicylic acid off amazon and have been using it weekly for a 2 to 3 minutes = for 4 months. I have had only 1 cyst and a few minor blemishes. It has really helped with exfoliating the dead skin cells that would normally block my pores. I use BP every night too. But, I stopped taking Minocycline when I started the s. acid. I'm very pleased with the results so far.

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For most, it comes down to insulin resistance.

It has long been known that for almost all, acne begins once puberty is begun. And, until our diets turned into complete crap, acne would begin to reside once puberty was over. The reason for this is insulin resistance. We can look at this through what is called Tanner Stages, which signify which level of puberty or maturation we are in. From Tanner 1 to Tanner 3, REGARDLESS OF AGE, SEX, WEIGHT, ETC, there was an average of 32% decrease in insulin sensitivity, with increased fasting blood glucose and increased insulin levels.

What could increased insulin(A POWERFUL HORMONE) have to do with acne which is considered HORMONAL? eusa_think.gif Hmm..

Interestingly, there was a recovery of insulin sensitivity once Tanner Stage 5 was reached, which essentially is the end of puberty. This study shows the same thing that a study dated back to 1987 showed. The older study also found around a 30% decrease in insulin sensitivity, increased fasting blood glucose, and increased insulin levels in people who were in Tanner Stages 2-4, compared to kids in Tanner Stage 1 and Adults out of puberty. Not to mention, the change from Tanner 1 to Tanner 3 or 4 resulted in a 1.7 fold of IGF-1. As insulin sensitivity decreases, there is a decreased production of IGFBP-1(IGF binding protein) and a decreased production of S.H.B.G(Sex-hormone binding globulin). This also leaves higher serum levels of free IGF-1. Therefore, insulin resistance increase at puberty is natural in order to increase free growth hormones that are needed for the enormous growth and change that takes place during puberty. When poor diet is added to the equation, even more hormonal problems arise, causing a higher chance for acne, and abnormal pubertal transformations.

This also explains why milk is probably considered the number one thing to remove from the diet to assist acne healing, as milk does detrimental things to our hormone levels(insulin) and likely IGF-1.

So to me, keeping insulin resistance under control is the absolute keyeusa_clap.gif


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Hormones are my biggest culprit. Typical teenage acne tongue.png

Which are affected by diet, especially the excessive amounts of sugar in diets today.

For me, it's 2 things that have a noticeable affect.

1) A food intolerance that causes me to have severe cysts which form the next day.

2) High glycemic diet habits. My skin cleared for the first time in a little over a month from the day I drank my last soda and began improving my diet nutrient, inflammation and glycemic impact-wise. That wouldn't have happened if i had impaired digestive, liver, or whatever other function.

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Sugar and giving myself too many facials. Been using coconut oil at night and a splash of water in the morning.

Whenever something feels too heavy/like it's tearing me up inside (wheat, gluten, nuts, granola) there are usually tell-tale signs on my face from it as well, which is why I'm putting a lot of focus on eating lots of well-cooked veggies, bone broth, animal fats, and homemade sauerkraut/yogurt/kefir/cottage cheese.

Fingers crossed. :>

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