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i've been doing some research, but wanted to get some opinions of peoples experience or use with Artefill Derma Filler, which is a permanent filler? I got the number to the trail location here in San Diego which they are working on using it for acne scars and I'm wondering if I should try and be part of the trail process for my acne scars.. I've done subcision, and saline injections, which didn't work that well.. Any info is greatly appreicated.. thanks

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I wouldn't chance a permanent filler if you've never used something like restylane. It may look awful and it's permanent. Personally, I don't think I'd EVER do a perm filler for scars, because it has a better chance of migrating, is thicker than restylane and if you hate it you're stuck with it. People who've gotten restlylane and liked it and then go one of the more perm fillers had not so great results. A lot say they're too thick for scarring and they migrate more. Not to mention when you age, they can become a problem.

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I heard artefill rarely migrate if you inject very small amount like small scars...but it has highly risks of migration if you inject it to large area of cheeks, lips, under eyes...

artefill injections cost around $1500 per syringe in my area...depend on the doctor..it is really pricy...and like Prettywords said, if the doctor does not have enough skills, you will look bad permanently...and no easy way to correct them...

because of my work, I can't have downtime...and I want to get this but I am not sure yet...

Found this article..


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On 3/15/2012 at 7:19 AM, classy1965 said:

If its a small area or areas I havent had a problem.

But it's a permanent filler...so if you make mistake, you can't correct it easily...and how do you know you will not get infection or allergic reaction?....it sounds scary...

"To insure you are not allergic to the collagen or anesthetic in Artefill®, a skin test must be administered by your physician prior to the initial treatment or approximately four (4) weeks ahead of time."

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Lidocaine toxicity occurs with unintended intravascular administration or with administration of an excessive dose. When lidocaine is used for regional nerve blocks, plasma levels are usually 3-5 mcg/mL. Toxicities may be observed at 6 mcg/mL, but more commonly occur once levels exceed 10 mcg/mL
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