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Exactly Three Months (90 Days) Into Accutane

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Well, as the title says, I'm three months in on Accutane (40 mg). Results? Um...none. Still breaking out and I pretty much get new shit every day like always. Hasn't cleared any part of my face whatsoever. It's essentially building on top of the acne that is already there THAT NEVER GOES AWAY EITHER.

Personally, I just don't think it's in the cards for me to have Accutane help me. I've read reviews where people said they were COMPLETELY cleared in 2 months. That really makes me feel like shit since I'm three months into this and it hasn't shown any results at all. And supposedly, you're supposed to notice significant improvement in between months two and three...well, that didn't happen for me.

And I know people are going to say "Oh, well, you just need to give it more time and let Accutane do it's job. It takes time." Yeah, I've been living off of that ever since I started and it's done nothing but get my hopes up that it will work sometime, then when it doesn't work, my hopes are gone. It's like I'm taking this pill for no reason at all.

The only side effects I've had are dry lips and dry skin.

And I even asked my dermatologist last Thursday to increase my Dosage but he wasn't willing to do it. Unreal.

I've decided I'm going to report my Accutane results here every 30 days (a month). It's probably going to be the same result each time - it isn't working. I'm probably going to be on 'Tane for six months. I'm half way through and it hasn't done a damn thing. I'm expecting more of the same in the future. Anyways, I just wanted to post this. Talk to you guys in 30 days.

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Guest *Spiro*

I hope for your sake 30 days from now things have changed. That sucks. Best of luck to you

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Best of luck Kody, I have watched a few clips on Youtube of various peoples journeys on isotretinoin, with some getting worse for up to 3 months and only then after that getting better. Still have seen some incredible results from those where it seemed to be not having an effect or been much worse for the start of the course. Hang in there bro, I wish you the best of luck!

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Hope things worked out for you. My best friend was on it for six month and she had acne since middle school, much much worse than me (I only had it since end of high school). She was baffled when I told her I was on accutane because my accutane was not bad compared to her (it is bad enough that I am eligible for accutane, but compared to her skin my skin looked good). But anyways, her skin is flawless and she told me "the first few months you will break out" and she did not see improvement until the end of the month. I'm not sure if it's different for different gender but my best friend is a girl. On my first week I told her I didn't see improvements (I know, it was only my first week to ask such a thing!) but she kept emphasizing "the first few months" and then I will get better.

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