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I have heard doxy is the antibiotic giving for people who don't respond to others well my doctor put me on it, and it has done absolutly nothing, is it possible other antibiotics would work for me? has anyone experienced this?

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First off, give the medication time. You might benefit from a higher dosage if you've been on doxycycline for 8 weeks with no apparent improvement. If you still fail to see results, yes, a different antibiotic might do the trick - though be careful not to place too much faith in antibiotics. While topical clindamycin or erythromycin (when used in combination with BP or a retinoid) are effective long-term solutions, oral (or topical) tetracyclines (the class of antibiotics doxycycline is a part of) are not suitable for use past 3 months (to that end, no antibiotic is suitable for long-term use). You'd do well to encourage your doctor to look into alternative maintenance treatments once/if you find an antibiotic that works.

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ive been on doxy now for over a full month 100 mg twice daily every day and my acne has not gotten better AT ALLL just worse.

im so freaking pissed ive waiting a full month for this crap to kick in and it never did i HATE ACNE UTHGASFOLJSFMSDLFKSDV<SDFLK

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Well a month isn't that long in the scheme of things. I say give it another month and if it is still ineffective, then talk to your derm about either switching medications or tapering off your dosage and going a different route. What else are you using besides the antibiotic?

Unfortunately, sometimes one medication does not work, but chances are another might, whether that be an oral antibiotic or a topical. It is easy to get frustrated but try to stick it out. There are endless avenues to go down, one of them will work for you. =)

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