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Nothing Is Helping My Bacne

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I have been dealing with bacne ever since I got acne back around the 7th grade or so. It's always been there, gone away for a while, then come back up. This is the worst time ever.

It is whiteheads and really red bumps. I have literally tried everything.. there is nothing more I can think of and that is why I am writing this.

I have tried:

tea tree oil

benzoyl peroxide

salycylic acid

medicated wipes



clyndamycin pills

vitamin e oil

Neutrogena salycylic 2% wash in the shower

evening primrose oil orally to help with hormones

I wash it after I work out, always wear cotton shirts, never let my hair touch my back..etc.. everything in the books.

I just don't understand how it keeps coming up. It is on my chest also, but that is slowly fading.

It all started to take a turn for the worse about 3 months ago when I got a rash, or what looked like a rash that was the itchiest thing ever that I actually had to go home from school and take a shower, that turned into a bunch of whiteheads.

I don't know what to do anymore. If someone can please help me, you would seriously change my life.

I am a 17 year old girl if that makes any difference.

Btw I know I spelled some things wrong, I just don't know where the spell checker is on here.

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I know how frustrated you feel. I have been there plenty of times!

First, what kind of soap do you wash your body with? Second, what kind of detergent do you wash your clothes in? Sometimes the body washes that smell really nice and moisturize the skin are the worst for your back. If the detergent you're using is highly scented, it can definitely irritate your skin. I'll tell you what I did to clear up my back COMPLETELY.

ok so I suffered from bacne all through my teens and then eventually when I turned 24 it stopped. Then right after spring last year my back started breaking out. Tiny whiteheads all over the middle of my upper back. So I figured it was humidity and the soap I was using. I was using some highly scented Tone body wash. So I cut that out and switched back to my Dial Spring Water soap that has antibacterial in it. (I was using this all the years before last summer and don't know why I stopped) I then started using BP on my back and it cleared up. Then all of a sudden as summer went on (plus the fact that I'm a massage therapist and sweat all day at work) my back exploded in cysts. omg. it was so painful and devastating. Anyway lets get to the point. I was sick of BP drying the shit out of my back and causing more acne from the dryness and bleaching all my shirts. So I stopped. I got Dan's AHA+ and used that instead. I am 100% clear now. I shower twice a day no less. You have to shower twice a day. At least I do. before my shower, I use Clearasil daily cleansing wipes on my chest and upper arms. after my shower, all I do is apply Dan's AHA+ all over my back and arms and for my chest I actually only use Clean and Clear Dual action moisturizer. it only has like .5% salicylic acid, but it's enough for my chest. the AHA+ is a little strong for my chest to cover completely, but if I get a little bump, I apply the AHA+ on it and it's gone in a few hours. Then night time I take another shower and apply Dan's AHA+ again. In the shower I use Dial Gold Bar Soap which has .60% triclosan in it (antibacterial) which I feel is a huge factor in my back regimen. Kill the germs, then apply the preventative.

so here's my regimen again

before shower, clearasil cleansing wipes on upper arms & chest

in shower, use Dial Gold Bar soap all over upper arms chest and back

after shower, apply Dan's AHA+ all over back and upper arms, Clean & Clear dual action moisturizer on chest

I do this TWICE a day. It dries quick. It doesn't smell. and best of all it doesn't bleach!

I know this was a lot of info but I hope I helped you and it works for you!

P.S. I forgot to mention to wear a clean shirt every time you change. Lots of laundry, but in the long run it makes a difference. No going to bed in the same night shirt! =P

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what helped me was to shower with cool water instead of hot, i know hot showers are awesome but you gotta do waht you gotta do. try it for a week or two and le me know how it goes.

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what helped me was to shower with cool water instead of hot, i know hot showers are awesome but you gotta do waht you gotta do. try it for a week or two and le me know how it goes.

I have to agree with this even though personally I prefer a hot shower especially after I get done running outside for 2-3hrs and the temp is barely above freezing.

I went back to using Dr Bronners Tea Tree liquid soap. It works better than neutrogena's body wash as I stopped using that. With Dr Bronners soaps I found that you have to scrub/wash for atleast 30secs to a minute. Then I leave it sit while I wash my hair and rest of body. Then I do this with my face. It seems to help.

Tea Tree Soap isn't the only antibacterial soap he has as Lavender and Eucalyptus are both antibacterial

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I would see a derm if I were you. You might have a combination of acne and folliculitis. I have pityrosporum follicultis and it mostly occurs on the chest and back. Workouts flare it up. They say you don't get whiteheads from folliculitis but I get them when I get an outbreak on my face. Antifungals and Accutane helps. Good luck!

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Hey, I also have suffered with body acne, but hopefully, body acne will become a distant memory.

Since I was 10-11, I suffered with body acne (as well as on my face). It was always embarrassing and I always longed to wear cute tops and dresses. About November 2010, my back and skin overall took a turn for the absolute worst. Huge cysts erupted around my lower back and rib cage area. It was incredibly painful, and wearing bras was uncomfortable. But when I found the boards, I learned many things.

After a year of trial an error (changing shampoos, trying Dan's regimen, etc.) I have finally found what keeps my back clear. Everyone is different, but a few people here have been able to reduce their body acne to about 70% less.

Shampoo- I use Aveda Scalp benefits. I started using this in June 2011, and almost all the acne on my body and scalp stopped after a few months. I still have the same bottle, and will probably by some soon. It's $40, but it's last me almost a year! It's seriously amazing.... my skin LOVES it.

SOAP- I only use Papaya Likas soap. This soap has truly smoothed out my skin. After the major painful acne stopped, I still had these stubborn nubby bumps everywhere on my body. Clogged pores. Ugh. I started using papaya soap in September, and it not only helped fade the scars and marks, but balanced (more like dried up) my oily body. I don't shower every day, but I try to at least once a day. I make sure to shower after I work out or have been sweating. I've been between 70-100% clear since.

DETERGENT- Someone already made a comment about this. In February 2011, I stopped washing my clothes in detergent. I just washed them in hot water on the gentle cycle. This helped to greatly reduce acne... Now, I use a tiny bit of Wisk, a liquid detergent, as my skin tolerates it. At points, I have broken out, because I used a towel that had been washed in detergent, or put my clothes in the dryer that had those fragrance sheets or whatever. I wash all my towels, clothes, sheets, etc. with no-little to no detergent. I almost get nauseated now when I can smell the detergents on my friends clothes.

OTHER- I would like to add....don't use any scrubs. I know the temptation is to just scrub all the bumps away, but honestly this leads to more irritation. I actually avoid almost all irritation for my skin- like I don't let the seat belt touch my bare skin. So seriously throw away (or hide) all abrasives and scrubs and peels. Your skin needs to heal itself, and needs to be treated gently.

So those are the 4 main things I did that just about completely got rid of my acne- changing shampoos (has no sodium lauryl sulfate), using a wonderful natural soap, not washing my clothes in detergent, avoiding fragrances altogether, and just being very gentle with my skin. I don't use any topicals or medications on my chest or back, and I'm nearly 100% clear almost 100% of the time. I NEVER thought this would be possible! I hope you can begin to make some of these adjustments, and try it for at least 3 months.... that's about how long it took me. But overall, it took about a year of trial and error. Best of luck!!!

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