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Claire Missy Barton

I Think I'm Just Overally Paranoid About Ingredients

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Ok so i'm basically driving myself crazy for years now.

Since acne.org got my acne under control, i'm, scared to touch things, even bottles that 'might' contain cosmedgenic ingredients

it's gone to the point of where my mom got me a perfume gift set, inside is a seperate bottle of perfume, and a body lotion, i can't use the lotion obviously it's full of isopropyl palmitate it's top of the list, so can't use it, but i wont even open the box to get my perfume out cause i'm scared somehow the isopropyl palmitate is on the perfume, is that even possible? could it of got on there somhow and break me out?

or am i just being crazy and need to calm down about things like this as long as i dont open or use the lotion, is it ok?? :(

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I think your just over thinking stuff tongue.png just relax and enjoy your perfume!

Thank you :) i think it's after so many years suffering from acne when i see a bad ingredented listed i panic about it, but considering there in completely different bottles, there's surely no way it'd get on or inside the perfume is there?

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I can't see it happening.

It's logical that if we become aware of products or foods or something that can trigger our breakouts, we'd want to avoid it. But it's important to keep that in check and think rationally about it. After all, there's nothing to be gained from getting stressed. It's easy to transfer anxieties over to products or foods because it's about control and wanting to control what our skin does, but going beyond that and getting paranoid or obsessive just creates other problems for you to work on. Altogether better off trying to relax, giving yourself a break and not getting hung up so much on stuff like that, especially if it might be leading to things like obsessive thoughts or behaviours.


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