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What? (Out Of All Things) Diet Is Actually Helping My Cystic Acne...

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Out of all the things I thought would help, diet might be playing a role in my acne. Since I've started watching my diet I haven't had one new cyst (knock on wood) or whiteheads that I usually get in the morning. I'm truly shocked because most people say that diet has no effet whatsoever on acne...

It's been a long 5 years. Maybe I'm just excited because I rarely go even 2-3 days without getting a pimple. And when I did they were bad. They started as cysts and infected thw whole area around them and then that area turned raw reddish and formed several whiteheads always interconnected to the cyst. Damn. But maybe it is because I decided to change my food choices.

A quick backstory, I remember 3-5 years ago when my acne was in its prime I had a weird orange tongue and dry mouth. At that time I thought nothing of it but I googled the symptoms and I saw that I had thrush, causes by candida. Again, I thought nothing of it and for the next 3 years drank pop daily, ate candy daily, ate bread daily, pretty much ate a crapload of sugar.

Recently I read a book on acne and how to clear it and it gives 2 theories. Now if you wash your face and change your pillowcases theoretically your face should be clean and not develop more pimples. So if they do develop it's either a) genetic or b) internal and thus dietary.

I found this interesting because most of my acne is situated on my cheeks which is usually dietary and around my jawline which is mostly hormonal. I rarely get acne on my chin or forehead and never on my nose. The book basically said that acne is caused by your gut flora and to eliminate these toxins you had to fast for 3 days using nothing but apples (they contain pectin which draw the toxins out), drink lots of water, and use an enema to clear out your colon. Now, I didn't follow all of the instructions because I don't plan to do an enema but I sort of formulated my own program and regimen using his advice. I:

- cut down on sugar. Granted, I eat a little chocolate bar at night maybe so not completely. But no more pop! Instead of sugar I use honey.

- cut down on bread. I have a croissant now and then.

- Started drinking water instead of pop or juice or sugary water.

- Stopped eating fast food

- At least 3 apples a day. Before I used to eat 1 and think "why isn't it helping?"

Now my meals look like this:

Breakfast: White tea with raw honey & porridge, e.g buckwheat or grain cereal

Lunch: Soup or 3 apples

Dinner: Meat and potatoes or chicken with water

I tried to fast but is it impossible because my family is worried about me being skinny so instead of drinking just water and eating just apples for 3 days straight I have to compromise by eating light meals such as soup. I also changed my skn care regimen after trying benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, tea tree, oxy products, neutrogena products, proactiv, jojoba, moisturizers, astringents, spectro jel, etc etc etc. none of these made a difference for some reason. So recently I have switched to these skin care products and I do not know if they're helping but they don't look like they are exacerbating my acne. Now I use, daily:

- Some clearasil cream with 8% sulfur and 2% resorcinol. I read that the romans even used sulfur for skin conditions. I apply it only where my acne is, not all over my face. So cheeks,jawline. Sulfur does not clog pores also.

- At night I apply pure vitamin E oil to my acne and scars again only on my affected areas. This was a tough decision but apparently vitamin E is non-comedogenic on a scale of 1-5 it is 0 and before I was using chemicals on my face in even the softest moisturizers such as cetaphil (it still contains cetyl alcohol which can clog pores) caused me to break out.

Another interesting tidbit is I found out that the gut flora that causes acne can be killed, most efficiently by garlic and acidopholus (sp?) which is a probiotic that fills your gut flora with good bacteria. So daily I drink:

- 10,000IU Vitamin A

- 10,000IU Vitamin D3

- 4 Omega-3 pills

- 1 Silica pill (horseshoe tail supplement)

- Odorless garlic

- 2 pills acidopholus vitamins. Taste very good.

It might be too early to tell, but fast forward a week and no new active acne has formed even though I broke my rules by eating at wendy's and chocolate a couple of days. My red marks also seem to be fading quicker every day, and even quicker in one day than what I've seen last year take 3-4 months.

I'm not sure! But people with candida or weird stomach problems, this might be a cure! Especially if you have cheek acne, gut flora may play a vital role. Try to kill it! I think it's helping me. The main points to remember are you have to eat a ton of apples every day or at least a minimum of 3-4 to help flush the toxins, you have to drink a lot of water, change your pillowcases often, and take acidopholus and garlic as supplements to kill the bacteria in your stomach that may have accumulated over the years since the American diet relies very heavily on processed foods.

Oh and also, this may not be as drastic as other dietary plans so it's for anyone. I still drink milk sometimes, eat candy and bread sometimes (impossible to resist), and honestly still smoke marijuana daily and do not exercise more than I used to. So you can pretty much freeball it.

This is what I'm dealing with today. I can't believe I took a picture 7 days ago and accidentally deleted it but as you can see the red spots are still healing and pretty red. There were 3 huge whiteheads and a mega cyst that looked like 2 cysts on my upper cheek, probably one of the worst I've had. No new pimples have formed yet, which they usually do over the infected areas.


Take care.

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I went on the candida diet last year and started taking probiotics and other supplements and it def works. It is very hard to get rid of canida and can take years to do it. I have to be very careful what i eat especially chocolate and dairy but ever since i went on the candida diet with the pills it cleared me. It was the only thing that worked. Keep up with the diet and you will be clear of acne "I AM" smile.png

Be careful with the apples the candida diet specifies no fruit and apples are extemely high in sugar which is what the candida feeds off of "SUGAR". Carbs, sugar and dairy are no no's if you have candida. Try taking oil of oregano capsules that kills off the candida and so does the garlic you are taking. I wouldnt recommend apples. Try googling candida diet. Good luck i hope this clears you skin

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Why take supplements and pills? Get those vitamins and minerals from real food. Fruits and veggies, lots~

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