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Almost Clear!... Except For That

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Hey guys this is my first post. And this is a very new account too. But I've been on the website for months desperately trying to clear up my mild-moderate acne. I'm sure it doesn't sound that bad, but spots are spots. My acne wasn't huge pimples, but they were....there. Plus as someone who picks at everything, they were even more visible. Specifically on my forehead, bridge of my nose (this is the worst), and chin. But for some reason I've never broken out on my cheeks. Knock on wood.

But it's mostly gone now! The marks are another story though... Using vitamin e for them as of now.

I cleared up using clean and clear astringent 2%salicylic acid, olay moisturiser, vitamin e capsules, and a whole lot of tea tree oil

But what I have now, on the bridge of my nose (yay), are these little but solid lumps. So of course being me I picked at one of them. Tried to pop it but it wouldn't pop. It was just solid. So I forced it open in frustration and idiocy and it's flat now... But sooo red and open and bad. Im really kicking myself for it now. I need to stop picking everything.

But my questions are...

1) how do I get rid of this red open inflamed patch? I have vitamin e on it now

2) how do I get rid of the other bumps? Because picking clearly wasn't the right answer...

Thanks in advance

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I've had an awful red strange "bump" on my cheek that has never come to a head for a few weeks. I've managed to lessen the redness and encourage healing by applying BHA as a spot treatment (salicylic acid) to it in the morning and evening, religiously every day.

I have Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid - it reduces inflammation, redness and is antibacterial. I use Paula's Choice because it has the least amount of additional irritating ingredients (unlike a lot of drug store products like Clean + Clear, Clearasil and Pro-Activ for example)

I don't know whether vitamin e is the best course of action although if its working for you, then that's great. I have just heard of a lot of people breaking out from the topical application of vitamin e as it can be quite oily, thick and clogging for some (I take it as an oral supplement and it seems to help keep me clear in combination with zinc, vitamin c and spirulina)

Try not to use too much astringent as its going to dry out your skin and could irritate it more.

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