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hi! so i've been using benzoyl peroxide for probably over a year now, and yea i dont actually break out anymore, I get the occasional zit that goes away after a few days. The problem is, benzoyl peroxide is really worsening my actual skin. I've developed a tolerance for it after using it for so long, but I still get very dry + flaky in the winter, and my skin is overall quite red and irritated. In addition, i have a lot of red marks on my face from old acne scarring, and the benzoyl peroxide is really worsening the scarring and not allowing it to heal.

So at this point, should I stop using benzoyl peroxide and move on to other regular, much milder over the counter treatments? I looked into other face washes, and the two brands I really want to try are murad and mario badescu. (murad's clarifying cleanser and badescu's acne facial cleanser) Which one would you recommend?

thnks so much !!

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Have you thought about reducing the frequency of using BP?

I' ve never had experience at using BP but I have read on the board that some people reduce how often they use it if they experience irritation or redness. You could consider using an AHA (glycolic acid for example) to use on your "days off" from BP as an AHA will help with reducing red marks left behind after acne. It can also help deal with active acne for some people. If you decide to use an AHA, be careful in the sun as it increases your skin's sensitivity to sunlight and make sure you wear a sunscreen.

Also, if you use an AHA, ease into useage or otherwise that will irritate or redden your skin as well!

I haven't had experience with either of those cleansers (I have used Avene Soapless Gel Cleanser for years and love it!) but you need to concentrate on your treatment/topicals rather than just cleansers - they only sit on your skin for a short time and won't help clear red marks or deal with existing acne.

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You could reduce the frequency or the amount of BP used. I don't have experience with either cleanser, so I can't help you there... but I also heard that sulfur is a great alternative to BP because it's gentler and just as effective. I think Murad has some good sulfur containing products.

Hope this helps!

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