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Question On Eating Bread Causing Acne To Be Worst

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So i heard that eating bread cause acne to become worst, that sucks since i eat alot of bread.

However, im just asking if donuts and buns etc is considered bread? Dont mind if its a stupid question to you haha

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As long as it has Gluten, yes its bad.

100% Whole Wheat is actually quite healthy, look for the ones that says gluton free.

Overall, just reduce the amount of carbs and sugars you are eating.

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Hmm thanks for the info, but im not really sure if it has gluten since there is no information on the packaging which is actually just a transparent plastic bag lol.

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im just asking if donuts and buns etc is considered bread? Dont mind if its a stupid question to you haha

Not a stupid question and the answer is whilst it's not really bread they are just as bad and probably even worse as some donuts come with extra sugar. If you're concerned about whether it's causing breakouts then try diet off it a week and check what the progress is. If there is no change then fair enough, but if you start to clear up it could be a good idea to continue the diet or have only a little bit of bread instead of a lot.

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I think, dietary wise, the best thing to do it try and eat as healthy as you can 95% of the time but allow yourself some indulgences.

The first thing to do would be to work out whether you have any intolerances or sensitivities. The most common are:

- gluten (bread, cakes, biscuits, couscous, bakery products...including donuts! Lots of things have gluten so best to check labelling!)

- soya (tofu, soy sauce, non-dairy yoghurts and soya milk)

- caffeine (coffee, tea, coke, pepsi)

- sugar (sweets, candy, chocolate)

- dairy (milk, yoghurt, chocolate, lots of processed foods have milk in them)

You may want to try eliminating some of the above foods to see whether you are sensitive to these. Lots of people are affected but the severity differs (you might find eliminating dairy for instance, helps clear your acne completely or you might find that it just reduces how many spots you get) Obviously, there's no guarantee that diet affects you at all - a lot of people I know manage to eat a lot of acne-triggering foods and they are completely clear. Its very much a situation of YMMV (your mileage may vary!)

In general, if you don't have a sensitivity/intolerance to any acne-triggering foods, it best to switch to a cleaner/healthier diet anyway for your skin and also for the rest of your body. Eat lots of fresh produce, a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, drink lots of water and exercise regularly. This will all help your body to heal from acne even if it doesn't "cure" you!

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