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Jeremy Austin

How To Solve This Problem :(

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Sorry my english is not too good

I'm male and now 17 years old and have many acne (pustules,blackhead,cyst,small pimple all over my face) and many red marks and some scar

because in 2011 i do a facial to picking my facial every 2 week in salon or clinic and injection in my cystic acne

everyday i breaking out ,you can say no day without new acne sad.png

what i must do to control my acne?

or this can be hormonal acne?

my regimen now is just use facial cleanser psisohex in morning and night

i don't have a courage to see a dermatologist again because i think they are make acne worse


my acne very similiar to the acne she had but i have many small pimple all over the face and more blackheads

than she had

what i must do now?

can someone help me how to make my acne better?


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Did you try cutting out acne trigger foods ie: caffeine, dairy, soy, sugar. I went on the candida diet and it cleared my skin.

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I agreed with the post above. Many people noticed that they break out a lot when they consume dairy. You should consume nutrient dense food, like lots of vegetables and fruits. I suggest making green smoothie consist of spinach or kale..any leafy greens that you like.Also, add fruits! Bananas works best to add flavor, along with other fruits, like apples, mangoes, etc.

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