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Electrolysis To Cure Cystic Acne?

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I have hormonal acne on my chin. Started at 26, never had a zit in my life before. I've tried every medication accept Accutane, a major experimental procedure, and oral meds that I refuse to take on a regular basis because they are harmful. After doing a lot of research and reading various medical books, I really think electrolysis, done correctly, will cure acne. Yes, cure. The blend and Kobayashi methods destroy the sebaceous gland. No sebaceous glands, no cysts. The key here is that it must be done properly or you will either not get the desired result or you will scar. I'm not sure what's worse: a few possible scars and no acne, or active acne plus acne scars... you decide. It will take a lot of time and some money, but it won't compare to the 15 years of this crap I've already had to deal with. Every vacation, hot date, and holiday, I can always count on looking like crap. Anyway, if anyone has an opinion or has had electrolysis, please respond. I also want to mention that the Electrologist will not specifically tell you that he or she destroys the sebaceous glands, and they certainly won't work on you if you claim that as your goal. It's up to you to know the specifics and find one that has a lot of experience with the necessary protocol.

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