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Hi y'all!

Okay, I should just start by saying that this community is amazing for realsies. So much info, so much support, I'm a new convert.

Anyhoo, I'm wondering whether it's possible for a scar to fill with pus. I've had a pencil eraser-sized, raised blemish on my chest for about four months now, and I'm kind of marveling at the fact that it's hung around this long. It started as a painful, reddish, raised bump, not unlike cysts I've had in the past. And, because I can't seem to keep myself for squeezing, I made the surrounding skin angrier and redder. However, unlike a cyst, it had an interior (but visible) head, and I could squeeze white pus out of it.

But the thing is, this doesn't feel like a cyst anymore. Eventually it stopped hurting, went down a bit, and turned into a brownish red lump with a paler center. I assumed for a while that it was a scar (the skin is wrinkled and shiny, like scar tissue), and I decided to just leave it alone and let it heal. But it's just kind of hanging around, and I can still see a head inside what seems to be scar tissue. I got super frustrated today and tried squeezing again, and, just as before, a ton of white pus came out of that little head.

So I have a blemish that, unlike my cystic acne spots, has a pus-filled head inside of a hard, scar-like layer. Any ideas on what on Earth this could be? Is this what a nodule is? Anybody else had a similar experience? Treatment ideas anyone?

Thanks again, I'm rooting for everybody here.

PS: Here's a lovely up-close-and-personal shot of the dreaded spot.



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Take a really hot shower and let the water soften it up for like 20 minutes. If you notice a whitehead when you get out of the shower take a pin and slightly prick the top of it and push down on both sides, so it doesnt get inflamed like when you squeeze it, and try to drain it. It def looks like there is alot of puss inside from the pic. If you dont get it out it will never go away. I had a pimple like that and it started healing on top but was filled with puss underneath.

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