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20 Mg Everyday = 40 Mg Every Other Day?

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Would both of these be doing the same thing? Or is Accutane absorbed differently in larger amounts? I have a box of 40mg's left over and I want to use it before it expires, but only will if it's a substitute for taking 20mg's daily.

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Stick with what your doctor has given you.

If they brought you down to 20mg a day then stay with that. Doing a 40mg every other day is not wise. The reason that a doctor will reduce or increase your dose is because of different factors. Whether is it weight related or even from a result of your blood work. So your best bet is to stick with what they have prescribed for you to have. If you have left over then it's a good thing to throw it out. Accutane isn't a drug to really be messing with in that manner. So stick to the safe side of things.

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Like Chococrit said, if you're doctor has provided you with instructions, follow them to the letter.

If your question is a hypothetical one, I'm not completely certain. From what I understand, isotretinoin is a fat soluble substance (hence women are required to be on contraception for a month after completing a course). Theoretically, since it's half-life is significantly longer than a water-soluble drug, its accumulation within the body shouldn't be impacted an incredible amount if you dose alternating days in larger amounts. Personally, I'd ere towards 20mg/day, if for nothing less than consistency in accumulation. Everyone has a different rate of metabolism, and, if by some chance your's is particularly good (or bad) at distributing/processing isotretinoin, your dosing will be all over the place.

Again, this is hypothetically speaking. Stick to your doctor's instructions, and make sure to read over the consumer information packet that accompanies a prescription of Accutane.

Good luck with your course!

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