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Starting Accutane (80 Mgs) In A Month, Need Support! Questions Too!

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Hello everyone! I will start taking 80 mgs of Accutane per day in a month, and I am terrified and excited at the same time! I can't wait to get rid of this disgusting, oily skin. However, I am terrified of an IB!! So any support and/or advice is greatly appreciated. My skin is soooo gross and embarrassing that I don't know if I can wait to start! (Well, I guess I can survive the wait). I just have a few quick questions. First, is it true that you have to take your second pregnancy test the first five days of your period? Also, this is kind of embarrassing, but will Accutane effect sex?

All I can do is hope for the best from my treatment. I would love to hear about your experience on Accutane. Thanks!

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if ur acne acne is caused by super oily skin, i dont think u will get an IB, I didnt.

just took my blood test today to restart accutane

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The pregnancy test varies; according to iPledge (https://www.ipledgep...tro%20Broch.pdf), you need a negative pregnancy test before starting (there's a mandatory 1 month waiting period), every month during treatment in an approved lab, and 1 month after treatment (again, in an approved lab).

Accutane can affect libido, and some users report developing erectile dysfunction. Being systemic and non-selective, it's possible for sex to become uncomfortable due to the skin becoming thin and tender. I haven't personally heard of this happening, however, and I doubt it's a common occurrence. Treatment would, I imagine, be regular moisturization (Vaseline is terrific) and liberal use of lubrication.

80mg is a pretty high dose. Be sure to moisturize lots, apply chapstick like there's no tomorrow, and be patient. Accutane takes time, but can perform the modern-day equivalent of a miracle.

Good luck with your course!

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