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Hi just posted this in another area of the board,


I'm a 33 year old woman, who has suffered since my teens with my skin, it used to be really bad as a teen, but has improved, significantly over the years, although I do get break outs before my cycle!

My confidence was minimal, I still have days where I hide in doors, rather than face the world but its more psychoclogical then physical with me, anyway, last year I moved to the coast, the water must be quite hard where I am because I started to have an itchy, blotchy rash, whilst bathing, it wasn't due to the water being to hot it was an actual hard water alergy, so after about 6 months of dreading a bath I started to take anti histamines in the morning before bathing, the symptoms disapeared and I also began to notice that my skin improved dramatically as well, so I spoke to my doctor, he said that although he could not be quoted, my skin was very sensative to water, yes water, and that the irritation could cause my acne, I take an anti histamine every day, my skin does not itch and I would say I am 98% clear of acne, I have some scaring and the occasional breakout but its minimal and my gp has said I can take anti histamines long term for my hard water alergy.

I only wish I knew this years ago and I am not saying it would work for everyone but it worked for me and that must be worth sharing!

I don't know medically if you can take them whilst on other acne medication you would have to check that with a doctor, and it may not work for everyone, but I buy a 99p pack of anti alergy tablets from boots for a weeks supply, and it's worked for me!

Also whilst I am at it, Vichy Dermablend foundation has changed my life, my skin looks so smooth even though I have enlarged pores and scarring, its worth the £15.50 so check it out, I also purchase this from boots, it's not cakey a small amount goes a long way, it feels great on and does not irritate, so give it a try!

Thx peeps. let me know how u get on, or if u have any questions.

Jai x

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I thought about trying this after I discovered Acne was a allergic reaction (for me Gluten). I just don't know the long term affect & I didn't want to "mask" the symptoms knowing that the allergic reaction is systemic. Glutenease is suppose to help break down Gluten but I've read it doesn't really help a whole lot. With that said, I'm sure a anti histamine would not be a good idea for me. Now find something that stops my allergy & T Cells and I'm all ears.



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