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so i've had cysts before, but this bump is different. it feels big to the touch, but it's not really red and it doesn't hurt at all. it's just a little pink and swollen. is this gonna be a planet or if i leave it alone will it go away? (been using dan's regimen since last august)

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Hard to really tell without seeing it, but I'll try my best to give a few hints. If it is acne then it's pretty deep. You can't really do too much at this stage to help it along. Just keep with your normal routine and it should go away on it's own. If it does come up as acne, then it's going to be a large one. Be prepared for it. Don't pop or touch it. For the most part it'll come up and go away. If you mess with it then you're asking for some hyper-pigmentation from it. You might get lucky though and it'll just never come up.

Try taking some Ibuprofen, Motrin, in a low dose to help with swelling and that should help a lot at this stage of things. If it pops up then smack it with a dab of AHA+ or Tea Tree Oil morning and night. If for some reason it pops, then get some Aloe Vera and glob that on at night to help it heal. I really wish that it'll just go away on it's own and not progress any farther. Good Luck!

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thanks for the reply! i really hope it just goes away too. i haven't had a big pimple like this in so long, it's very disappointing. it's gotta be due to the lack of sleep last week. either way i'm not gonna probe it and make it turn into something. i don't have any ibuprofen or motrin but hopefully the swelling will go down on its own.

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