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Hi, I am new to this website. I wouldn't usually blog about my issues and emotions online, then I thought to myself there should be someone out there who would understand. So, I had a thought. Why is it that when I am outside, I barely see anybody with acne or scarring ? Let me tell you a little about myself I am in my mid 20's and have been suffering with acne since the age of 13. I still suffer from acne and scarring all over my face (even if it doesn't show in the avatar, in person you will see a major difference) Back to the question. Are people with acne and scarring hiding from society. Is there a higher rate of suicides with people that are suffereing from acne and scarring?? Just a few questions to start up a topic. Also, what will be the best way to go about it in society ? Yes, people may stare and criticize but what are your techniques to go about your day.

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same here. in my 20's and with acne and scarring all over. its so rare to see anyone else with skin problems that when i do im actually very surprised, and i can tell that they are too. As far as society, they do look and even stare. i find it very annoying but then i think to myself, "shit, if i had good skin and i ran into someone who has the skin that i actually have, i'd stare too". So i just try to go about my day and keep relaxed. how about yourself? (anyone else?)

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I dont actually think this is entirely the case.

When I was out today for example I went up to my students union, and I was kinda looking around, it was really sunny today, and I saw loads of people without perfect skin. Some with mild acne, but a lot more with scarring. At the end of the day that thing about you being more aware of your skin then anyone else is totally true, you just dont pay attention to other peoples skin as much!

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