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Duac Not Working?

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I've been using Duac for 2 weeks now, I am still getting new breakouts and hasn't really cleared my old breakouts much. I thought this would make my skin dry because it has BP in it but my skin isn't dry whatsoever. Does this mean it's probably not working? I have used regular 5% BP and it does dry out my spots.

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If benzoyl peroxide worked for you in the past, Duac will likely work as well. It's a combination product (1% clindamycin, 5% benzoyl peroxide) that's been shown to be more effective than either ingredient alone. As you'll see in most studies, however, conclusions aren't made until use surpasses 8 weeks - the point by which one can gauge with relative certainty the effectiveness of a product. From what you've said, you still have 6 weeks to go.

Xerosis (dry skin) is a side effect; not the manner by which the drug works. Though BP oxidizes sebaceous glands (often producing dry skin), clindamycin is an antibiotic (also exhibiting anti-inflammatory effects) - you're not likely to experience any more drying than monotherapy with BP (maybe even less, depending on how Duac is formulated).

If you're not already moisturizing regularly, you should definitely look into picking up some sort of non-comedogenic lotion or cream. Other than that, follow your doctor's instructions, and don't write off the treatment just yet. You've still got a way to go.

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2 weeks is nothing - for any regimen, 3 months is usually the minimum gauge by which you use to determine improvement. Give it time, prepare to breakout and enjoy your life in the interim. Acne medications work so so slowly so don't expect a quick fix - that line of thinking will frustrate you more than anything.

Good Luck

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ummm for me, duac didnt work very well...If you've seen my gallery it's obvious duac was a major trigger for my acne to turn from moderate to very severe. But, different people have different skin so, i hope it works out for you :)

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