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Can Water Strip Natural Oil?

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Can cupping plane water to your face strip Natural oil? Or generally speaking, can water strip natural oil?

I'm wondering if there is such a thing as to "Rinsing for too long".

Every morning I would use my face cleanser for about 2 minutes max on my face and then cup water to rinse for about 8 minutes. At night, after using my cleanser for about 2-3 minutes again in the showers, I would use the shower head (set on drizzling lightly) and let water run down my face for about another 8 minutes.

Can water strip natural oil?

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I don't know if water on its own can strip natural oil, but over-cleansing our skin definitely can. I do think that if I have a hot shower for too long, the humidity and temperature dries out my skin but I don't think thats necessarily the water causing it.

Also, I never let the shower jet hit my face directly as I find it makes me skin redder and aggravated

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There is a point where you can't just leave gunk on your face, there are people on these boards doing natural cold water regimens and I congratulate them for that, but you still need to clean your face, using cleanser will defiantly remove any oils on your skin.

If your concerned about irritation in the shower, I like to turn the water cold (but not cold enough to make you pant,) turn the detachable shower head on, reduce the strength of the water and let it gently rinse my face, never use HOT water, warm maybe, but HOT is not good!

I have to admit though, I once recently took a really hot bath because I forgot to add cold water, dipped my head under, and after my skin was dry, red, sore, irritated, not as nice as it would of been if I had used cold water.

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