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Low Gi Bulking Diet - Critiquing Required

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Hello folks, i'm a 23 year old male who started getting into weight lifting around 4 months ago (3 days a week, heavy compound lifts). As a scrawny ectomorph I decided to embark on a clean bulk to go with my lifting, unfortunately this combination has resulted in quite severe jawline and neck (under the ears) acne, consisting of both white heads and large red lumps. Apart from this being unsightly it's very painful and i'm quite down about it.

I've tried a fair bit of medication and natural remedies to clear the jawline acne up but it doesn't seem to respond to conventional methods. This has left me with two theories, the testosterone spikes from the heavy lifting is the cause, or it is my diet. As i'm not willing to change my lifting habits, i've decided to go down the diet route after finding this thread http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/271717-low-gi-diet-while-cutting-gluten-and-dairy-works/

I have devised a low GI bulking diet (not as easy as it sounds) and as i'm not an expert on this subject I would be grateful for anyone with some experience in low GI diets to take a look at what I have planned, cheers.



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