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Acne.org Moisturizer Phenoxyethanol Safe?

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I was looking up the ingredients for the Acne.org Moisturizer. Almost all of them are really great with only one or two exceptions. The one that stands out for me is phenoxyethanol. I've done some reasearch and according to these sites it's made from carcinogens and questionable even at low concentrations (1% and lower):



I no longer feel very comfortable using the moisturizer. Which is a shame because besides the phenoxyethanol it has a lot of great ingredients. I think it has helped my skin stay moisturized. I can understand that it is hard to find an alternative preservative to parabens but I've read it is possible to preserve products naturally. In the light of the evidence it would be very nice for the moisturizer to evolve past this.

For now I suppose I'll just stick with Acne.org's Organic Jojoba Oil. Nice, organic, simple. All natural. Good stuff.

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Let me start with my favorite saying: ALL information is BIAS based on the person speaking!

Now, with that being said the 'reasearch' that you have done is nothing but the blogs of other people. A blog is not a fact barring nor is it to be taking as 100% truth by any means. If you dig a lot deeper and go to a true medical book in your Library you will find that Phenoxyethanal is not as harmful as you think it is. It is an organic chemical compound used in many fields, even medical, as a preservative. The amount that is used in cosmetic and medical use is so small that it never even reaches a 1% level. A lot of the time is it used in a topical manner that it will never show any side effects to a person. The worse that it will do is cause diarrhea and vomiting which can lead to dehydration.

Before you try to go all 'noble' on people with your 'blogs' of 'mis-information' please do a little research into the matter. I'm not here to debate or down talk about anyone. I want to state the FACTS about the topic and to not let this lead people in the wrong direction. Glad to see you like the Jojoba Oil, but don't be afraid of the moisturizer. If you go around reading every label in your life you will soon find that WATER can kill you and I doubt that you're going to stop drinking it. Now, read the first line that I wrote. It's true in all ways of life. Good Luck!

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^I heard there was some one allergic to water once :/

In addition to what chococrit said, the benefits, out-weight, if any, side effects, and although I have no 'facts' to prove that, looking at whats in the moisturizer, theres no possible way it can cause any problems, not I'm my opinion anyway.

You can get to the point where you wont eat soya because if you google 'soya bad for you' you will get millions of studies, proving that it is actually really bad for as they like to call it the 'food manufactures dirty secret', but it's in so many things, avoiding it would be impossible!

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