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Hey guys, I've been lurking around the forum for months now and since I'll be starting my Roaccutane course today, thought it would make sense to log & share my experience and hopefully find a buddy or two wink.png

A bit of background info (if anyone is interested):

Didn't have much pimple or acne problems in my teen or early adult years (I'm 29 now), things started to went downhill from beginning of 2011. For some reason my face started to get much more oiler than usual and I’ll be consistently getting pimples around my cheek and jawline area and also clogged pores/whiteheads on my forehead. It was pretty much manageable throughout last year but it got worse in the last 2 months. I started to get cystic acne (the really painful ones that doesn't come to a head and just stay there for more than a week) around my problem areas (cheek, jawline, forehead). I went to my family GP early this year and got prescribed Differin 0.1% and Minocycline. He also referred me to see a Dermatologist but the earliest appointment I could get is in mid-March. So in the mean time I took the antibiotic but unfortunately had to stop after a week due to sever side effect - constant nausea, vomiting.

So one month went by and my acne became a lot worse, it's sore & red and the only area that is clear on my face is my eyes & nose sad.png

I finally manage to get an earlier Derm appointment (which is last Monday), the doctor was really nice & understanding and I feel a lot better after our first consultation. We chatted about my health & skin history and at the end he asked me to do a blood test. If all goes well he'll put me on a 6 - 9 months Roaccutane course. Before I start my course, he also had prescribed me on an Antibiotic (Erythromycin) and Steroid (Panafcortelone) to calm my acne down cause they were pretty red and inflammatory! I’ve took them for a week now and it has indeed calm down my acne a lot – I still breakout and my face is still bumpy but they are less sore and seems to heal much quicker.

Today I had my second consultation, my bloodwork looks fine so the doctor had put me on a small dosage to start - 20mg/day for 2 months (I weight about 45kg, 164cm tall). I'll see him again in two months and if I don't have too much side effects, I'll probably get bump up to 40mg/day. I'm not sure how long my course will be, the doctor said 6 - 9 months depend on how my body react to the drug, I am hoping I could be done in 6 months. I’ll continue to take the antibiotic for another month while I’m on tane (I think this is suppose to help the IB), the steroid I’ll be taking for one more week then next week I’ll need to take half a tablet then stop taking it the week after.

I’ve heard a lot of negative stories about Roaccutane so I am fairly nervous to be on the course…fingers cross I would be able to power through it and hopefully cure my acne problems.

I’ll continue to update this log weekly on my progress and will take pictures when I can.

Here’s what my face looks like currently (I look much worst 2 weeks ago, my acne was so red & angry! These photos were taken tonight without makeup)

Right Side


Left Side


Thank you for reading my story, I am very grateful to be able to find out about this community and am happy to finally find someone that can really understand what I’m going through physically and emotionally.

Take care & have a lovely day J


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Thank you guys for the support smile.png

Day 7

Didn't feel any side effects apart from a slightly drier lip, face is still oily.

Had breakouts on both cheek, temple and jawline areas (not sure if it is the drug or me just having my normal breakout as usual lol)

Right side


Left side


May everyone have a great week ahead smile.png

JJ x

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Day 14

The IB is here! My face felt so bumpy right now, currently I have one huge ass cyst on my left cheek (it's really bad, i can see there're three whiteheads inside that king size cyst! arhhh) and another 3 on my right cheek, a lot of whiteheads scattered around my jawline, cheeks and forehead. I can also see some blackheads getting push to surface around my nose area. Good thing that they do dry up and become smaller in 2 to 3 days but it's so hard to not feel self-conscious about it when you have more than 15 of them lying nicely across your face...trying my hardest NOT to pick them as I know my face is super sensitive at the moment and if i scratch them it will definitely leave me scars.

Side effects: lips are a little dryer than last week (probably apply lip balm twice a day), feeling thirsty all the time so drinking more than 2L of water everyday. Face is still oily.

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Day 28

Slowly recovering from the IB, my right cheek is healing very nicely, still got some actives but I can feel the skin is much smoother and less bumpy. Left cheek is still breaking out, same as my forehead but they are healing pretty quickly (usually they just dried up in 2 to 3 days). Dryness started to kick in on Day 23, my face is less oily now which is awesome!! My makeup can actually stays on till the end of the day without my face being all shiny and stuff and I don't really need to use blotting paper anymore.

I'm still using my Avene Cleanance anti-shine regulating lotion as moisturizer, will switch to a heavier moisturizer if I become more dryer.

Side effects: Lips are definitely dryer now, not chapped but I'll need to keep my lips moisturize or else they will start peeling. Hands start to feel dryer as well, I don't usually use a hand moisturizer so might need to start using one soon. Feeling thirsty all the time, drinking lots of water and juices, I'm keeping a big 1.5L water bottle in my room and one at work so i don't have to refill so frequently.

Manage to take some photos tonight



Hope everyone have a great Easter break smile.png

JJ x

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