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Scared Of Post Accutane Breakouts!

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Hey guys so I've been on accutane for about 4 months now moving from 20 mg to 40 and my skin has went from pretty terrible to about 98% clear. I plan on staying on for 2 more months to get 100% clear. However, I've read stories about post accutane breakouts and I am deeply concerned about that. Any suggestions, input, likelyhood of this happening? Anything will be much appreciated

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I've gone two years without breakouts. That's two years ago, and first now I'm starting to get acne back. I don't understand it. Had a good two years though, and I've got no problem starting a second course. I just want to see if gets much worse, and then go for a second course. I love accutane, it's helped me a lot and win my confidence back. Couldn't have gone without it, and as I said I won't hesitate to go on a new one if it gets much worse. My advice to you is: Don't worry about problems that aren't there. Just fight them when they come and enjoy your acne free skin!

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Over (or slightly under) 90% of people don't relapse after 2 years (that's the longest longitudinal low-dose study I can find). You're better off relishing in the clear skin you have now (and likely will for years to come), and moving on (it takes a while, but it'll happen). You mentioned you're doubling the dosage for the last two months of your course; higher doses have an even higher rate of inducing long-term remission.

Take heart in the fact that, odds are, you'll be clear for good this time.

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