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Hey, guys!

I had no clue where to post this.

First of all I can't really tell which skin type I got. But everytime I hit the shower or splash water on my face (doesn't matter if it's hot or cold) my skin around the nose gets flaky. It's like skin peeling of around it and underneath my nose. The same thing also happens on my chin. And also on the area between my eyebrows.

Does anyone know what's up? I consider my nose and forehead to be just a bit oily. The rest if normal/dry (I'm unsure). And these flaky areas get's a bit red as well.

Please, can someone help me? I don't use any kind of lotion or anything because I always think they make skin worse. But I'm sick of not being able to splash some water on my face without getting flaky skin.

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Skin flaking off of my face from water alone would have me running to a board certified dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment.

There are many causes of skin flaking off and most of them are no big deal.

I'm not a doctor and I am uncomfortable mentioning this at a time when your doctor isn't available. However I'm also a Mom and care about people. :) Please keep in mind that most online advice and anecdotal reports are worth about the same as what you paid for them.

With all of the above in mind, three people I know well, one a teenager, one a woman in her 40s and one Senior Citizen described flaking off skin as the first sign of their skin cancers. All of them ignored the flaking skin assuming it was in the no big deal category. The good news is that all of them survived after their various treatments.

Summing up, my best advice is for you to see your doctor.

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um this sounds like you just have dry skin? go to the makeup section in walmart and buy the cotton rounds 80 rounds for like a buck..

then next time you wash your face gently..GENTLY use the cotton round and swipe it across those areas am and pm with the cleanser still on then after that rinse everything off. in about 2 days of doing this the dry skin will be gone.

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